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lipsDo you know how it feels to be kissed yesterday and killed with another kind of kiss today?  Let me explain just how that happens.

If you have lived very long you have realized there are two things that will separate your real friends from the others: adversity and money. When one or the other comes into the friendship, our true friends will be there to uphold us as they have consistently in the past. Those who are not-so-true will either leave or suddenly become distant.

The very same thing happened to Jesus. He was close to twelve men that He chose to be His disciples. They all claimed that they would never forsake him but they did. Even worse is that one betrayed Him with a kiss. Jesus knew and He asked, ” Judas, betrayest thou the Son of man with a kiss? Luke 22:47-48

Proverbs 27:6  “Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.”  Usually we get that “gut instinct” when someone is faking their friendship but we just don’t want to believe it! … Or in other words – we are being “kissed by the enemy.” As much as we hurt when we realize it, keep in mind it happened to Jesus too. When the actions of our friends appear to be one thing but they have hidden intentions, then we are being “kissed by the enemy.”

When you are “kissed by the enemy” then their true feelings are revealed about you. When you don’t respond to them the way they want you to, you find out what they really think about you. Many will run down the list of your flaws and throw the secrets that you have shared with them back in your face. It used to grieve me and cause extreme pain. I would cry and feel horrible and guilty as if maybe I somehow caused this. My heart would close down and I would make vows that I would never let another person inside to hurt me. In the past, I have lost trust towards people and become bitter and withdrawn. As I have grown spiritually, I’ve learned that this is life and to trust my own God given instincts. Not all people are who they say they are!

I pray that I always treat people with the upmost respect and integrity regardless… of how many I have been “kissed by the enemy.” True Friends


♥ YES! We All Are Simply Amazing! ♥

This week while being at the table of some high profile political people, My husband was asked the question of “Who are some of the most interesting people you have been able to work with?”  They expected to hear political names but he gave his “heroes” of the Gospel and an acknowledgment of what made them a hero in his eyes.

Later that night as I replaying the whole evening and the amazing event, I thought of how I would have answered that question. But the people who come to my mind first are the ones whose names probably no one would recognize. (more…)

My husband and I and another couple went to dinner after church.  We’ve been good friends for a long time – the 4 of us  had heavy hearts over family issues that we had no control over.  But our goal was to be together in support of each other and just talk through some things.

We laughed, we cried, we ate, we laughed some more.  At one point my friend and I left the men at the table while we went outside and sat on the curb to talk.  It was good…oh so good!  Just the 4 of us but it was absolutely what we needed. (more…)

Oh, this is sooo good!!  What a perfect side dish, especially this time of year when cucumbers are freshly picked!  It’s very easy to make but tastes delicious.

2 medium size cucumbers

1 medium onion      

2T vinegar    

sour cream     

1 t. of salt

dash of pepper

Peel and thinly slice the cucumber and onion.  Add the salt and let it stand for a few minutes. Pat the cucumbers with a paper towel to take out all moisture possible. Place cucumbers and onions in a serving dish, add the vinegar and combine well. Add enough sour cream to equal half the cucumber mixture.  Chill for a few hours or overnight.

I have found in my experience that an unhealthy friendship will totally mess with my own mind and my own sense of peace. That unhealthy friend has become toxic to me.  (more…)

As we entered the funeral of a young mother, many were sharing acknowledgments of her life & how they were affected by the investment she made in the lives of people.  She loved HER God.  She glorified HER God. She desired after the things of HER God.  She loved HER family.  She cherished HER church & friends.  How would we know this had she not opened up her life & shared her deep hunger for the things of the Lord? (more…)