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There is a promise that is given and it sounds very simple to me. I am completely covered against the reality of what I am feeling. I am passing through the fire but He promised I will NOT be burned! His divine presence covers me! (more…)

I found  this version of how to make pencil skirt from a pair of slacks.  I’ve been doing this for years and thought I would share! (more…)

Right in the middle of the ordinary hectic week God showed up for me.

Sometimes I rush right past Him and do not even notice. (more…)

Maybe I shouldn’t write this down. Maybe I am the one being judgmental. Am I looking at this wrong, Lord?  And why does this matter so much to me? Why do I allow this to affect me?  Why can’t I just let this go? (more…)

Flooded with emotions of pain and anguish all I wanted to do was cry for hours.  But crying is something I don’t do much anymore. My wounded heart would become beyond exposed. (more…)

Did You Fall In?

Posted: May 22, 2012 in Soul Care

As a child I use to get lost in my thoughts when given the opportunity to be left alone.  Being one of many children there were few times when I was afforded the alone time. My trips to the bathroom and shutting the door were a time of escape for me.  All too often I would hear the words, “Did you fall in?” (more…)

People with mental illnesses, for the most part, have been banned from our ‘conventional’ activities.  Many times they have been pushed into concealing their true identity.  Usually society doesn’t mind if they come out with the rest of us, BUT only if they agree to play according to the rules.  (more…)

No, this isn’t me! It’s from

I admit it.  I was the dumpy girl growing up.  Everyone around me was pretty and photogenic.  But ohhhh NOT ME!  OK OK!  Yes, it caused me to have real complex issues but as an adult I learned ways to try to work the camera to my benefit. (more…)

It used to be that enthusiasm would enthrall my heart as the weekend drew nearer.  I began to look forward to the possibility of not cooking on Friday evening.  Then Saturday would be a recreation day for our family and then Sunday Church.  We would see our friends at church and then many would gather at our home for a pot luck dinner.  Weekends were always so much fun! (more…)

As we entered the funeral of a young mother, many were sharing acknowledgments of her life & how they were affected by the investment she made in the lives of people.  She loved HER God.  She glorified HER God. She desired after the things of HER God.  She loved HER family.  She cherished HER church & friends.  How would we know this had she not opened up her life & shared her deep hunger for the things of the Lord? (more…)