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mustardseedbudget.wordpress.comThis one photo spoke to me and all I could say was, “WOW!”  I thought of sexual abuse in the ministry which seems to have been prevalent recently.  Not that it is a new subject; it is finally being talked about.

Then my mind went to another passion of mine; human trafficking.

What a powerful photo!

I saw the picture on this blog.

Covenant Friendship Ministries a help for girls who are involved in sex trafficking

Not With My Child – teaching your child the signs of a molester

Sex  trafficking statistics source documentation

Sex Trafficking in America

“Imagine you are a 13-year old girl. You do normal 13-year-old girl things: go to school, hang out with friends, fight with your mom. Then one day you meet an older guy who promises to shower you with gifts and help you fulfill your dreams in the big city. You trust him and run away from your family and friends to a strange place, and he starts telling you need to start working, need to make money so you can be happy together. Before you know it you are sucked into the world of forced prostitution and sex trafficking. All your money goes to your pimp, whom you thought loved you, so there is no escape, no way to get back the normal 13-year-old life you left behind.” (more…)

Some states are considering a bill that would require an annual state mandated medical exam for all kids who are home schooled. I understand why this is necessary yet I  understand why some home schooling parents are upset about this. Are they trying to imply that most child abuse cases are found within home schooled children?  Isn’t one reason for home schooling is to keep the state out of our family life? Or is the government genuinely wanting to take another step to protect our children? (more…)

David in Scripture rejoiced when those who mocked God (as Schaap has done through his behavior) were brought to justice. Yes, we weep, but we also recognize the irony of his hypocrisy and are grateful that he can no longer hide secret sins behind a facade of holiness.

Perhaps it’s time to our renounce our worship of men and their trust in the arm of flesh. I know many of these very well. But I fear too many of the Independent Fundamental Baptist crowd will continue to hurl their stones of self-righteousness, blame and hatred, and fear even as they search for a new idol to prop in place of this disgusting one. The Baptist want to continue to focus our attention on the Catholic crowd and NO ONE is guarding the post!. God have Mercy!