Some states are considering a bill that would require an annual state mandated medical exam for all kids who are home schooled. I understand why this is necessary yet I  understand why some home schooling parents are upset about this. Are they trying to imply that most child abuse cases are found within home schooled children?  Isn’t one reason for home schooling is to keep the state out of our family life? Or is the government genuinely wanting to take another step to protect our children?

Yet another look at the problem. Too often when a child is abused someone does know about it.  Because that child may go to a government school we just assume the school will report it. The ole “it’s not my business!”

Think about the Penn State child abuse horror, everyone thought  someone else would take care of reporting it.  A lot of people knew it was happening, reported it through the chain of command, and yet it continued. But NO ONE personally saw to it that it was stopped!

Yes, we did home school. Yes, I have worked with many abuse cases within the court system but only 1 involving a home school. The 10 yr old girl, was so horribly abused and tossed around from parents to foster care, government school to home school then … the child’s final destination – murder.   

Finally justice is handed down but not until a child is dead

I don’t think I’d mind bringing my kids in for medical exams if I could save one or two lives that way. It could be a double-edged sword also.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this!



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