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Little Sin? Much Sin?           -Much Love-

Little Sin? Much Sin?
-Much Love-


Jesus Loved Them.  Why can’t We?

WOW!  A friend posted this video on facebook and as I watched it I just kept thinking —-GOD HELP US!

postHave you ever felt like you’re in a situation and you’re fighting for ….well just survival?  It seems that everything around us is either attacking us or is going to absolutely destroy our family.  Our friends, our neighbors our churches, everywhere we turn there is a battle going on. 

Satan knows exactly where to attack us to cause the most harm to our spiritual being.  It may be slander, temptation, our marriage, mentally, finances…we could name many things.  BUT BUT BUT!!! 

Regardless of what attack we are faced with – Our Name is FOREVER written in the Palm of HIS Hand!  And we’re Protected There!!

Walk Gently

Posted: November 6, 2013 in Soul Care


‘Not all wounds

are so obvious


in the lives

of others.”

It is just that simple.