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Pumpkin Cheesecake I do know after eating this at a friend’s house, there is NO comparison to a no bake cheese cake and a baked cheese cake! The baked version is thick and creamy in texture, with lightness to it. It’s like eating a pumpkin pie and cheesecake together. (more…)

I absolutely LOVED this post. If I were to add to it, it would take away from it.

We Ditched The Time Out Chair For A Mercy Seat.

pinterest.2Repeat This!

Over and over

and over again!

He will pick you up

every time!

legmanWe had the privilege of meeting an amazing young man yesterday. His spirit was so contagious!  His smile was huge but you couldn’t help but notice he didn’t have ANY teeth.  The huge twinkle in his eye totally out shined his lose of teeth!   What you could not ignore was his plastic leg laying beside him on the ground with his screwdriver in the ground beside it.  He had lost his leg a few years back due to a blood disease like our son Ben has.  He has to take off his leg to crawl under the trailer to work sometimes. When he comes out from under the trailer he will put it back on. He said, “I have to work, I have 4 daughters 2-16 yrs. old and their mother left us. I don’t received any government assistance and they are my responsibility.”

IMAG2154-1Our son Ben too has a blood disease that suddenly left him disabled without any warning at the age of 28.  This post is not about Ben but about how in the midst of *our* miracle God brought a young man in our life.

At one point I heard him tell the boss, “Hang on! My leg is hurting!” Then he told us how it stayed infected all the time and he couldn’t get rid of the infection. He said he had to work to provide for his family. There isn’t anyone else but me to take care of my girls!  He had been on Medicaid at one time but he couldn’t find a Medicaid Dr. that really seemed concerned about his infection. My heart broke as I listened to him talk!  But then I couldn’t help but be encouraged at his amazing strength to do what he had to do to provide for the ones he loved!
I will post later how God supplied this double wide trailer for our Ben to live right next to us on our property so I could help in his care.  You talk about an absolute miracle straight out of heaven – IT WAS!!

At this time, I wanted to share with you about this man. Our prayer is that God will bless this man abundantly as he has sure blessed our family by being in our life today!

Will you please pray with us for his family?

P.S. He knew I was taking his picture and was going to write about him.  He said, “If I can be an encouragement to someone, then it’s ok!”