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This year has been a hard time on our reputation as a church.  Many pastors have stepped down because of various reasons.  This is heart breaking! Within our denomination where we are missionaries, I see a rising trend, not in all churches but in many as we travel.

When we give the ownership of a church to man, then we have taken God’s glory away from Him.  It is never good when that happens.

I believe when we give more praise and more glory to the man leading than to God we are practicing idolatry. Isaiah 42:8 says, “I am the LORD: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images.” Isaiah 48:11 says, “…I will not give my glory unto another.”

When someone is more concerned about what their preacher will think about something than what God will think about something. This is a very serious matter! (more…)

Myself:  What message would you like me to send to the believers back home?

The persecuted:  Please tell them we are their brothers and sisters in the faith.  We love Jesus so much.  We NEED their prayers!  Our brothers and sisters are being put in prison because they love Jesus and will not renounce their faith.  They are being put among the hardest of criminals and sometimes beaten daily.  They are denied medical attention as well.


2 Preachers Kickin’ Their Heels

There is so much that I would love to share about our recent trip to Mebane, NC. For today I think it would be the love and the joy my heart feels of how welcomed we were. (more…)

How many times have we seen this video? I think more important the question is, how many times I could watch this video? It is so much more than what we see! (more…)

My attention was turned to Matthew 1:19. “He (Joseph) was minded to put her (Mary) away privately”. What a verse of compassion! Imagine it. Here is this young man whose life had been wholeheartedly surrendered to the will of God. I’m sure he and Mary were a good-looking young couple, but it must have been Mary’s heart, bent towards Heaven, that attracted him to her so strongly. How it must have surprised and shocked Joseph to learn of Mary’s pregnancy! (more…)

Would you really like to know how to get to heaven?


As I try to write the emotions that my heart is bursting with, I am finding there is more upheaval than peace. My precious husband is at a camp meeting in our home state. Even though I totally support and love being with him in the ministry God has called us to – this time is different. (more…)

People with mental illnesses, for the most part, have been banned from our ‘conventional’ activities.  Many times they have been pushed into concealing their true identity.  Usually society doesn’t mind if they come out with the rest of us, BUT only if they agree to play according to the rules.  (more…)

It used to be that enthusiasm would enthrall my heart as the weekend drew nearer.  I began to look forward to the possibility of not cooking on Friday evening.  Then Saturday would be a recreation day for our family and then Sunday Church.  We would see our friends at church and then many would gather at our home for a pot luck dinner.  Weekends were always so much fun! (more…)