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chickenHow simple does it get?  If you follow any of my Gluten Free recipes you will find that I do not get into the complicated ones but the ones I can throw together.  I also work with a group that receives some government support with food.  It is so important that we do what we can to help each other.  

This was kind of thrown together and was a really big hit. Chicken breast strips grilled in butter with Mrs Dash, Asian seasoning & a little fresh cilantro. Then right before I served it I grated up what little sharp cheese I had and stirred. It coated the chicken. It was GREAT (they said). Fresh tomatoes & black olives.

meatloaf-finishedI was rushing out the door and remembered I had some ground chuck in the refrigerator that needed to be used…as in..NOW!  Hey, groceries are way too expensive to let anything go to waste!

If you have been following my Gluten Free recipes then you know I am all about easy and fast.  If it takes too much time or much money some will not eat GF. So what good is it? This meatloaf can be fixed in the oven or the crock pot. Prep time is quick!!


I did not have a specific recipe so I will give it to you Ky style.

  • I took what burger I had which was about 2lbs.
  • I used store bought frozen green peppers and onion. 1/2 bag of each.
  • I had mushrooms in the freezer that I had bought previously because they had reduced them, I cleaned them all, vacuum sealed them, and from them.
  • Corn Chex Cereal. I would normally use Corn flakes but I did not have any. That is called being resourceful!  If you are a Mom you know exactly what I mean. Right?
  • Hunts Bar-B-Que Sauce. Or you can use your favorite GF sauce.
  • If you can have eggs then you can use 2 eggs.  We can not have eggs.
  • Throw it together  in a Bowl


  • I use my clean hands and just mix and squish it all together. Make sure it is mixed well.  Do not get too much Bar-B-Que sauce in it or it will not stick together.
  • I pour Bar-B-Que Sauce on the top before putting it in the oven.
  • Form it in an oven ready pan and bake at 350 degrees for at least an hour.  The timing will be according to how thick your loaf is.

I have also cooked this in the crock pot and it was great! I cooked it on high for 8 hours.


For St Patrick’s Day enjoy this Gluten Free Dish.  Now we prefer our Corned Beef and Cabbage with mashed potatoes, a little garlic cloves and hot sauce.  Of course you add bacon to it and that makes it Southern Style!  You can if you prefer, cook your corned beef in the crock pot but the recipe gives instructions for dutch oven.

Gluten Free can be EASY and GOOD!

Quick & Easy Gluten Free: Mixed together in a skillet and fry it up!

Ham, Potatoes, Mushrooms & Onions. They love it & supper is done. Whew! That was a super simper, easy and gluten free!

You can add green peppers, jalapeno,  corn, change the meat to kielbasa.  Make it special to you.  It is so wonderfully quick and simple.


For the Chinese food lovers that are eating Gluten Free.  This is an Easy Gluten Free as you know most of the recipes that I post must be or I just wouldn’t take the time to do them.  I only use the white meat but you can use white or dark as you prefer. Such wonderful flavor and you do not have all the unnecessary fat and calories from frying the chicken.   This took about 20 minutes from start to finish.  It doesn’t get much easier than that! Enjoy! (more…)



And that is pretty simple! (more…)

ribs.doneThese were adapted from a recipe I found on the internet.  A little more time than I usually take but they were well worth it.  It would not fall into my quick and easy dinner recipes but it was still a “Simple and Easy” recipe.  If you follow my blog you know by now, I am a -get it done quick-  with mixes or already made items on the shelf.  If you have to eat gluten free and you are not because of difficulty in preparation -That is NOT good!  Better to use already prepared mixes than suffer the consequences! Recipe is at the bottom. Enjoy! (more…)

buffalo wings

This recipe completely masks the taste of pork rinds.  It re-creates one of the favorite appetizers without ever missing traditional breading. If you choose to make them Chicken Tenders just leave off the Buffalo sauce!

Gluten Free and Zero Carbs! How can you go wrong? I think it is time to invite some friends and throw a party! (more…)

smoothieIf….You Get Glutened.

Accidents happen–even if you are very careful. The day may come when you accidentally ingest some gluten. For some, the mistake might go undetected. For others, particularly those with celiac disease, a bit of accidental gluten is a huge deal and could cause suffering for an extended period.  Some people experience extreme fatigue and/or brain fog. Let your body recover by giving it the rest it needs.  Drink plenty of water and eat easy to digest food.

This is a wonderful smoothie that will help replenish what your body needs and is easy on the gut!

I encourage you to read the benefits of the individual ingredients below.  Particularly the Papaya and Mint are excellent for recovery if you have ingested gluten.  If you are not gluten intolerant these ingredients are just plain good for us!  Worth putting in your diet!

fruitPapayas are high in antioxidants; especially vitamins A and C, in the papaya prevent a number of health conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, aging and cancer. Vitamin A can prevent blindness and other eye problems, and ensures a healthy skin. It is an effective remedy for dry skin, pimples and acne. The papaya helps to maintain the levels of blood glucose, thus ensuring a steady supply of glucose and high levels of energy all day.

Bananas are super-food that provide gentle nourishment. They are rich in iron and potassium and give you much needed energy.

Blueberries are a fantastic natural anti-inflammatory food! They help promote digestive health and are full of  antioxidants. Blueberries have a beneficial effect on a “sour belly” caused by fermentation in the gut, and also harbor an anti-nausea effect. Fresh blueberries help constipation, whereas blueberry cordial will stop diarrhea (particularly great for sick children).

Strawberries are bursting with vitamin C and boost immunity, as well as boasting both anti-inflammatory and a cholesterol-lowering qualities.

Apple juice stills nausea and settles the stomach. Research also shows that the pectin in apples aids in prevention of colon cancer, and promotes a healthy digestive tract.

Mint, as we know and love, helps keep your stomach in order by reducing bloating and spasms. Add mint where you can, it’s wonderful for your gut!

sloppy-joe Our Ben has celiac disease. One day I will share the unbelievable story of recovery from just going gluten free. It wasn’t a Dr. that suggested it but it was me. Within days the transformation was amazing. So much I would love to share but for now I have been asked by his Dr. to post recipes. He treats many that are on government assistance that simply can not afford the fancy variations in many recipes. We couldn’t either so I’ve taken many recipes and made them gluten free. After tons of research and letters from companies to PROVE they have met MY guidelines I am confident with what I post. Our son’s life depended on it. Literally! (more…)