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In my natural state, I’m about as un-gentle as they come.  I tend to crash and bang through life at warp speed, leaving a wake of debris, destruction and devastation behind me.  I think that comes from being a lifelong Momma and wife and being so very busy.  My mind runs much faster than my body.  BUT! When dealing with someone I try desperately to put the brakes on!  To feel what they are feeling, to have that compassion for their hurting heart.  To be gentle with their spirit.

Oh my, how we have forgotten the Gift of Gentleness in dealing with people.  We’ve taken too many gut-punches from people all our life and the natural reaction is to return a gut-punch.

Prov. 15:1 “A soft answer turneth away wrath…”  It really does work!  Even though it is so very hard to do at times.  I know because it’s hard for me!


Creative way to decorate using favorite books.  Great for apartment living! (more…)

Hugs for the morning!

If you meet me in person you will discover … I’m a hugger. For real. Not sure if it’s my friendly Kentucky heritage or just a natural, God-given trait, but I hug. I hug people I know well and I hug strangers. I hug. I just hug.  Look at Spencer’s sweet face 🙂 His sparkly eyes tell you just how much he loves that hug and I love his hug too!

My husband and I just got back from a 5 day trip and I got the best hugs from old friends, wonderful new friends, and a whole lot of people in a Rescue Mission. What a refreshing trip it was for us. God so Blessed! ~Jen

In some situations that I have been put in recently, I have found myself emotionally spent and exhausted! Even to the point that my personal life was being compromised. (more…)