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Have you noticed how the world tends to see and honor women for their beauty and charm?  It seems the world places so much value on the physical appearance that we spend a lifetime trying to gain and preserve the perfect body and face.

We also receive that worldly honor when we beat men in the game of business or sports.  But is that what kind of woman God honors? 

*****   Hang on …..   Listen up……. and don’t misunderstand me *****

I do NOT mean that He WILL NOT honor that kind of woman!  If we were to look at the biblical idea for womanhood it is completely counter cultural to what it seems our society is trying to say.  It seems to me that our society is trying to obliterate what God has put forth as a description for women.   Try to keep an open mind through all of this because I am a very independent woman!  However, I also want to have a Christ centered home.  All of this does not mean that I am a door mat as some would describe.  It certainly doesn’t mean that I am the barbarous wife and mom that everybody obeys….including my husband!

Proverbs 31  describes a wife whose life is centered on serving the Lord and being a help-mate to her husband.  I agree like most women, I get a little bit squeamish when hearing a sermon on this!  I fall so short!  The Gospel sums it up so perfectly in that our perfection is not in our self but in Christ!  WOW!

 For by one offering he hath perfected for ever them that are sanctified. Hebrews 10: 14

We can stand before God because of what Christ has done for us and not what we have done.  It is not our works that saves us but His work on the Cross!

Chunky Turkey Vegetable Soup

This is just amazing!  There have been times when I choose to use cabbage instead of escarole.  Being a Kentucky girl we do love cabbage!  I hope you enjoy it too!

(adapted from Martha Stewart’s Recipe) (more…)