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We have some hard water in many areas where we live.  Several years ago the FDA banned phosphate from dish washing detergents because it caused algae in the lakes and streams. Well, it also caused our dishes to become cloudy and not get clean!  So we have a problem!  With this recipe, it replaces what is needed for clean dishes! (more…)


Posted: September 1, 2012 in Crafts
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Check out this sandbox made from a tractor tire.  How cute is this?






Creative way to decorate using favorite books.  Great for apartment living! (more…)

What a sweet way to use pieces of vintage jewelry!








I enjoy making cards when I have free time. This one especially caught my eye on Pinterest.  Could this be any cuter?  I think this would be adorable for a young girl’s birthday card.

The link:

~ Kelly

It’s been a wild and crazy few months for us. I remembered I had all sorts of little clay pots our grand daughter Kaylee had painted.  She is this Grandma’s Heart!  What an easy and delightful project! (more…)