Abandoned Power

Posted: January 17, 2021 in What Matters Most

Single Slice of Cheese

Offline Power Plant Holland Michigan

In a moment, as a movement, we have abandoned our power.

In a world of color, we have blanched, faded, and folded. Unless, that is, we can answer the age old question of “why”, we will become void, an entity of no value.

This time, the question at the end of the “why” is not “…am I here?”! Rather, it is “why do I go?”

Go where? Work? That’s obvious, to collect the participation trophy at the end of the week and enjoy the weekend.

Go where then? The answer is, to church. Why do I, why do we, go to church?

We file in like drones, sitting in rows like clones, we sit there staring, pretending to listen. What are we actually hearing?

We have our bibles on our phones so we can pretend to be following along when we’re really following the feed…we…

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