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And that is pretty simple! (more…)

ribs.doneThese were adapted from a recipe I found on the internet.  A little more time than I usually take but they were well worth it.  It would not fall into my quick and easy dinner recipes but it was still a “Simple and Easy” recipe.  If you follow my blog you know by now, I am a -get it done quick-  with mixes or already made items on the shelf.  If you have to eat gluten free and you are not because of difficulty in preparation -That is NOT good!  Better to use already prepared mixes than suffer the consequences! Recipe is at the bottom. Enjoy! (more…)

gluten is.What Is Gluten? A Simple Explanation.  This is a question I have been asked many times! (more…)

lipsDo you know how it feels to be kissed yesterday and killed with another kind of kiss today?  Let me explain just how that happens.

If you have lived very long you have realized there are two things that will separate your real friends from the others: adversity and money. When one or the other comes into the friendship, our true friends will be there to uphold us as they have consistently in the past. Those who are not-so-true will either leave or suddenly become distant.

The very same thing happened to Jesus. He was close to twelve men that He chose to be His disciples. They all claimed that they would never forsake him but they did. Even worse is that one betrayed Him with a kiss. Jesus knew and He asked, ” Judas, betrayest thou the Son of man with a kiss? Luke 22:47-48

Proverbs 27:6  “Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.”  Usually we get that “gut instinct” when someone is faking their friendship but we just don’t want to believe it! … Or in other words – we are being “kissed by the enemy.” As much as we hurt when we realize it, keep in mind it happened to Jesus too. When the actions of our friends appear to be one thing but they have hidden intentions, then we are being “kissed by the enemy.”

When you are “kissed by the enemy” then their true feelings are revealed about you. When you don’t respond to them the way they want you to, you find out what they really think about you. Many will run down the list of your flaws and throw the secrets that you have shared with them back in your face. It used to grieve me and cause extreme pain. I would cry and feel horrible and guilty as if maybe I somehow caused this. My heart would close down and I would make vows that I would never let another person inside to hurt me. In the past, I have lost trust towards people and become bitter and withdrawn. As I have grown spiritually, I’ve learned that this is life and to trust my own God given instincts. Not all people are who they say they are!

I pray that I always treat people with the upmost respect and integrity regardless… of how many I have been “kissed by the enemy.” True Friends

L.5This would be an awesome Gluten Free dish also!  Only change would be to find Gluten Free Lasagna Noodles.  They are not readily available in our area yet.  Anxiously awaiting the time they make their arrival.  Until then…I will post this recipe I found on McCormick’s site.  It looks AWESOME! (more…)

fightingOne of the sad spiritual conditions to the Christian believer is “fault finding.” For some reason it seems to me that many have a strong tendency to pass judgement on people. Perhaps we feel this is our duty as a “Christian” or maybe even God has “burdened our heart” to help someone grow in their spiritual life.

There is a sense of their own righteousness or holiness and it should be considered. Too many times they believe they have fallen into a sense of entitlement because they have been in church all their life.  They believe they are the one that is right and it is their job to point out the error of your way. They are the one that has analyzed your actions correctly based on the their view and at this time you have been put under the label of a ‘evil sinner.’

Have we as Christians lost the feeling of joy when we realized that we were unconditionally loved and accepted by a loving Savior?  Have some in our spiritual family lost their sense of brokenness and emptiness?  Do we no longer feel the deep need for God because we have now reached a plateau of holiness?. We are not going to reach each other or the world by placing guilt or shame on others when “WE” think they messed up!

We can only reach the world by loving and serving in joy and peace! That is what Christ did.


Now to quote what I have heard my husband say so often, “We often hear it said, It was love and not nails that held Jesus on cross, and it was! How about we use love and not nails to bring others to the Cross of Calvary.”


We have some hard water in many areas where we live.  Several years ago the FDA banned phosphate from dish washing detergents because it caused algae in the lakes and streams. Well, it also caused our dishes to become cloudy and not get clean!  So we have a problem!  With this recipe, it replaces what is needed for clean dishes! (more…)

buffalo wings

This recipe completely masks the taste of pork rinds.  It re-creates one of the favorite appetizers without ever missing traditional breading. If you choose to make them Chicken Tenders just leave off the Buffalo sauce!

Gluten Free and Zero Carbs! How can you go wrong? I think it is time to invite some friends and throw a party! (more…)


This was a very quick and simple dish that we made and was excellent!  I have also made this ahead and frozen it for future use.  A GREAT add to our Gluten Free Diet! (more…)

handsThis if one of those blog post that came to my mind because of something that happened.  Not much thought but BAM! Here it is and that’s it.  Just one of those pet peeves of mine.

yesIs anybody out there tired of the ole –It’s everybody’s fault but mine– game?  I AM! I’m not talking about politicians I’m talking about friends and family. We have all done it and hopefully we have grown out of it but for some, I think they enjoy being there.responsibility10

  They enjoy always blaming someone or some circumstance for their situation. Blaming serves only one purpose — making you feel like a victim.

Don’t get me wrong there are times when there are other people to blame for what has happened to you.  Those things are not what I’m talking about such as certain acts of crime that may have happened to us.

responsibility4 Just how many names have already popped in your head?  You would love to take this poster and plaster it all over their house?  I can sure name a few! responsibility5  Have you ever been left at the very last moment trying to pull it all together because YOU had to finish a job that someone didn’t do?  NOBODY likes having their back against the wall.  There’s an old saying, “you want something done, go to the busiest person.”  There’s a lot of truth in that!

People who blame others tend to overemphasize themselves. Blaming others, often just boils down to plain ole lazy and selfish.  When you blame others it does not require you to meet any standard of behavior — other than what you feel is appropriate for the situation.  It is their fault!

Do us all a favor and just accept blame for your own actions!