gluten is.What Is Gluten? A Simple Explanation.  This is a question I have been asked many times!

It wasn’t until we had exhausted every opportunity that I felt the medical field had offered us that I finally convinced our adult son to “at least try” a gluten free diet. He was physically disabled (at no fault of his own) when he was 28 years old. To make an 8 year story very short, he was eventually taking 4 times the maximum dosage of epilepsy medication to control his seizures, his stomach hurt most the time, he had colon issues, his cognitive skills were slow, his short term memory was very bad, then he suddenly developed hemiplegic migraines (which is not a headache). The hemiplegic migraines would last 24 hours and this… was finally it!  He took my suggestion and went gluten free and I PROMISE you the symptoms were GONE within 24 hours! GONE! It does not always work that quickly for everyone but for him, YES!


Gluten is a sticky protein found in wheat, rye and barley. It is in some oats – not because of the oat itself but because of the way it is processed.

Remember when you were a kid and you made paper-mache with paper, flour and water? The paper and water were not sticky. The “glue” came from the flour! That IS what gluten is like!  It is even the same root word as “glue!”

Gluten is a substance that can make your body extremely ill if you can not tolerate it.  There are many more technical explanations that you can search on the internet.

Since I have explained (in Momma language) that gluten can affect our body like a “glue” that gives you an idea now.  It gums everything up! It literally gums up the lower intestine and food absorption now becomes minimized. This can leave a person feeling hungry. Then it causes a lot of the other problems to arise obviously since everything is “gummed up.”  In the ones that I have talked with, it seems the children are hungry all the time because they do not really understand the “feeling” but the adults hurt so badly sometimes they do not want to eat.

Those who can not tolerate gluten CAN suffer from a variety of aliments including seizures, bloating, intestinal problems, compromised immune systems, migraines or complex migraines, depression, anxiety, ADHD, cause complications with autism, adrenal problems, and thyroid problems just to name a few of the not so pleasant results.

Now some quick technical important stuff:

Studies are showing that people with “diagnosed, undiagnosed, and “latent” Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity had a higher risk of death, mostly from heart disease and cancer.  Not all tested for Celiac disease will show positive results or those tested allergic to wheat will show positive reactions.  This is because many of our test are testing for REAL WHEAT and what is being used in foods today is NOT REAL WHEAT!  If it says, 100% wheat then why are their so many other ingredients listed?

Are you getting my point?  It is pretty major!gluten chart

  • 39 %increased risk of death in those with Celiac disease
  • 72% increased risk in those with gut inflammation related to gluten
  • 35% increased risk in those with gluten sensitivity but no Celiac disease
  • 1 in 130  are now labeled “Celiac Disease”
  • 6% (18 million people) may be classified with “Gluten sensitivity” or “Gluten intolerance” – they get headaches, bloated stomachs, intestinal problems, etc.

Gluten is in items you would be shocked to know! Did you know that Germ X is the only hand sanitizer that is Gluten Free? Dove Body Wash is the only known Gluten Free body wash. Garnier Fructis shampoo and conditioner is the quick relatively inexpensive go to GF product. Stamps that you have to lick have Gluten in them? Interesting, huh!  So it is according to whether you are only eating GF or not allowing your body to absorb anything that has Gluten in it. READ every label! If it says it contains WHEAT, RYE, or BARLEY it contains GLUTEN! Manufacturers are getting so sneaky and are putting the ingredients in curved areas or circles areas thus making them very hard to read. I carry a magnifying glass with me because there are times you simply can not read the ingredients!  Many are now listing at the bottom of the ingredients list an ALLERGY LIST.  This is making it much easier to read now.

BE INFORMED!Shocked woman inspecting a nutrition label Know what is in the product you are buying.  Eventually you will know what to buy.

Is there a cure? No. There is NO PILL for this! The only thing you can do is Stay Away From Gluten! Do Not Eat It! Many will start to feel better after removing it from their diet and will try to see if they can tolerate it again. You can not! Start seeing gluten as a poison to your body because if you can not tolerate it – GLUTEN IS POISON!

Tell us what you think :)

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