fightingOne of the sad spiritual conditions to the Christian believer is “fault finding.” For some reason it seems to me that many have a strong tendency to pass judgement on people. Perhaps we feel this is our duty as a “Christian” or maybe even God has “burdened our heart” to help someone grow in their spiritual life.

There is a sense of their own righteousness or holiness and it should be considered. Too many times they believe they have fallen into a sense of entitlement because they have been in church all their life.  They believe they are the one that is right and it is their job to point out the error of your way. They are the one that has analyzed your actions correctly based on the their view and at this time you have been put under the label of a ‘evil sinner.’

Have we as Christians lost the feeling of joy when we realized that we were unconditionally loved and accepted by a loving Savior?  Have some in our spiritual family lost their sense of brokenness and emptiness?  Do we no longer feel the deep need for God because we have now reached a plateau of holiness?. We are not going to reach each other or the world by placing guilt or shame on others when “WE” think they messed up!

We can only reach the world by loving and serving in joy and peace! That is what Christ did.


Now to quote what I have heard my husband say so often, “We often hear it said, It was love and not nails that held Jesus on cross, and it was! How about we use love and not nails to bring others to the Cross of Calvary.”

  1. vivian says:

    I think this post to be very true. It reminds me of getting the beam out our own eyes. I pray God helps me to have humility and mindfulness of what I say and how I approach people. It is true that when Christians are so long in the field, we tend to have a “know it all” mindset at times in trying to help others, our behavior toward them is belittling, even though that is certainly not the intent. Showing God’s love must be real and then and only then can we really help others and show them to Christ.

  2. And you of all people that I know are one of the most kind and loving of all! Thank you for always shining your light!

    • Anonymous says:

      Truly, I’ve never given much thought to this subject, But I see it happens. I love serving Jesus anyway I can. I pray a lot that I can win souls to Him. The bible says “He that wins souls is wise”. I want more than anything to make a difference in the life of some people for what really matters, and that is eternity. I pray I don’t ever become indifferent or think I’m somebody when I’m not. I’m a servant of the KING. I want to make Him happy with me. You are such an inspiration. Thank you for always having a servant’s heart and making me mindful that is what we all need.

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