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Me!  Me!  Me!

Me! Me! Me!

Did anyone else experience Christmas being ruined because their someone ‘special’ in the family wasn’t able to control everything about Christmas? It always happens it seems. I suppose the word is narcissists. They always spoil the special family holidays. Their need for attention and control always rises to new levels.

Do they get excited about the holiday thinking they will be the center of attention? We must remember that everything has to revolve around them and in the order they give for them to be happy. As long as we follow their prescribed order everything will be just fine!
Now the time has come that the cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents all get to come together. The anxiety begins to rise because out of all the people someone is not going to like her. Her comfort level is now threatened! She can not attend or else has to direct attention elsewhere in a dramatic scene. Suddenly what should have been a wonderful time has now become a time that she has ruined again.

It is always the same title different story. Whether the marine ball, school party for the kids, office party, it all must revolve around the her and her narcissistic behavior. At all cost she must be comfortable and must be noticed.

So keep this in mind when you choose to socialize with this friend, family member, or worker. Are they really worth it? Of course there is going to be a scene! Unless you are willing to always be her crony, laugh at her jokes, think her funny gifts are the greatest, you will never be on their “like” list.

You decide to have a good Christmas yourself. Just go on and know that the narcissist defines themselves by the way they act. Everyone already knows. If not, it will not be long.

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 human trafficking2Labor Trafficking in Agriculture

labor traf2

These people are being held in captivity, in some cases in chains… A couple of workers literally forcibly busted out of a truck in which they were held against their will.  So, the norm there is a disaster, and the extreme is slavery.  And this is taking place in the United States of America.

– Senator Bernie Sanders

Are you or someone you know being trafficked? Is human trafficking happening in your community? Is the situation you may have encountered actually human trafficking?   labor traf

The following is a list of potential red flags and indicators of human trafficking to help you recognize the signs.


gluten is.What Is Gluten? A Simple Explanation.  This is a question I have been asked many times! (more…)

handsThis if one of those blog post that came to my mind because of something that happened.  Not much thought but BAM! Here it is and that’s it.  Just one of those pet peeves of mine.

yesIs anybody out there tired of the ole –It’s everybody’s fault but mine– game?  I AM! I’m not talking about politicians I’m talking about friends and family. We have all done it and hopefully we have grown out of it but for some, I think they enjoy being there.responsibility10

  They enjoy always blaming someone or some circumstance for their situation. Blaming serves only one purpose — making you feel like a victim.

Don’t get me wrong there are times when there are other people to blame for what has happened to you.  Those things are not what I’m talking about such as certain acts of crime that may have happened to us.

responsibility4 Just how many names have already popped in your head?  You would love to take this poster and plaster it all over their house?  I can sure name a few! responsibility5  Have you ever been left at the very last moment trying to pull it all together because YOU had to finish a job that someone didn’t do?  NOBODY likes having their back against the wall.  There’s an old saying, “you want something done, go to the busiest person.”  There’s a lot of truth in that!

People who blame others tend to overemphasize themselves. Blaming others, often just boils down to plain ole lazy and selfish.  When you blame others it does not require you to meet any standard of behavior — other than what you feel is appropriate for the situation.  It is their fault!

Do us all a favor and just accept blame for your own actions!


pinterest.2Repeat This!

Over and over

and over again!

He will pick you up

every time!


♥ YES! We All Are Simply Amazing! ♥

This week while being at the table of some high profile political people, My husband was asked the question of “Who are some of the most interesting people you have been able to work with?”  They expected to hear political names but he gave his “heroes” of the Gospel and an acknowledgment of what made them a hero in his eyes.

Later that night as I replaying the whole evening and the amazing event, I thought of how I would have answered that question. But the people who come to my mind first are the ones whose names probably no one would recognize. (more…)

−Life doesn’t always turn out the way we imagined it would.
−We have been confronted with loss, been battered in the storms, and sometimes dazed at not knowing what happened.
−We live in a fallen world and it’s all part of living here.
−Regardless of the circumstances we face – there is always hope.
−A hope that is true no matter what we have been through.
−Hope in God whose ways are higher than ours.
−Hope in the future He Promised He has begun to prepare for us.
−Hope that even though the rain clouds have come they will surely bring flowers tomorrow.
−I can’t even begin at this time to comprehend how He will bring this to pass.
−There is no limit to what My God can do.
−All I know is I Believe.

Isaiah 43: 2 When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.


This video didn’t come out with a pretty picture but oh the words! Just what I needed.

Does anyone else ever want to SCREAM “Social Media Burnout!”

Don’t get me wrong I love the internet.  But I have finally just had it with my facebook account and deactivated it. I really enjoyed it for the time and quite honestly the deactivation became a necessity. So many aspects of it was suddenly driving me nutzo! (more…)