Slip In Some Extra Joy

Posted: October 28, 2012 in Things I've Learned, What Matters Most
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This week while being at the table of some high profile political people, My husband was asked the question of “Who are some of the most interesting people you have been able to work with?”  They expected to hear political names but he gave his “heroes” of the Gospel and an acknowledgment of what made them a hero in his eyes.

Later that night as I replaying the whole evening and the amazing event, I thought of how I would have answered that question. But the people who come to my mind first are the ones whose names probably no one would recognize.

Two particular people came to my mind.  The 1st one about 25 years ago.

A mother, sitting alone in the back corner of church and with her are 4 small beautiful & creative children.  I eventually made my way to her.  I was the newcomer. But she was very shy and not in the “click”. But with a little effort – she became the very best friend I’ve ever had!  We’ve been through child rearing years together, tragedies together, middle of the night breakdowns, just one of those friends for life! All it took was a minimal effort for her to be my very best friend.

Another more recently.  This younger lady just gives me hope for our nation.  She’s a single Mother, Lived a life of violence and abuse, College student, SS teacher, Nursery Worker, Keeps her child in church activities, Attends most church functions except the extra ones that cost money. And the list goes on and on…..

I was drawn to her from the very beginning.  She was a little bit more difficult to get to know.  I got the impression that she would not have normally talked about herself, except that I had asked.  So very humble, almost an introvert however I was so drawn to her.

Finally she opened up to my friendship.  It didn’t come natural for her – but I didn’t see her on a frequent basis.  I would ship her little gifts for her young daughter or personalized things that I thought she would enjoy. You see, I wanted to shake hands with the abuse, so to speak, to be close enough to feel it in my heart — for her. But what I shook hands with that day was life — a life altered by circumstances she was born into & living with . But I met a young lady determined to serve God and others regardless of her circumstances.

Oh, there’s still some in her world of serving God that try to guilt her into doing more but she just keeps on trying to keep her head above water.  When I pray for God to wrap His arms around those who are struggling, many times my mind drifts back to this friend. And I ask God to please slip a little extra joy in there. There’s so much more to this amazing story and God knew we needed each other!

We are all struggling in one way or another. We need to look for ways to encourage each other so no one suffers in isolation. I pray I can always LOOK for opportunities to bless someone else because others have been such a blessing to me.  I pray that God will always keep my eyes open to see the opportunities and needs around me to help someone.

We are IN the Body of Christ – together!  Not to tear each other down & not in a competition.  Is it any wonder so many grow weary?  The body of Christ isn’t about degrading children, spreading rumors, being puffed up but is about living life together and expanding our love for each other and manifesting the love of God.

I want to see Jesus and know that whatever happens, He walks before me and will be there to carry me. I want to live life with my eyes focused on the cross! On Jesus! On grace!  But it’s only by the Grace of God I can do this…..



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