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As refugees from the surrounding countries are coming here to begin a new life, my heart sinks as I see the hopelessness in their eyes. Women are laying their babies on the sidewalks to sleep while they wait for their turn to enter the building. The sun is hot, their clothes are tattered, they look hungry. The hopelessness in their brown eyes is heart-piercing.

My heart aches. I think to myself…”If I were rich, I wouldn’t buy myself anything. I don’t need anything. But oh, how I would love to have enough money to house and feed some of these families.” From the depths of my heart I pray the Lord will work in each one of their hearts to bring them to Himself if they don’t already know Him. That He would meet each one of their needs and show them that only He is God.

I think about their future life in America, Canada, or Germany. Will the people there accept them? Will there be enough government funding for them to have a chance? They will have to learn a new language. How can they concentrate? They have been displaced from their homeland. Many of their loved ones are still in that country. Their hearts are torn.

“Lord, as we meet with some of these dear people today, let us be Your hands and Your feet. Let them see You vividly, living in us. Help us to serve them beautifully, in Jesus’ Name. It’s only in You that true refuge can be found.”

1 Chron. 7:14

Myself:  What message would you like me to send to the believers back home?

The persecuted:  Please tell them we are their brothers and sisters in the faith.  We love Jesus so much.  We NEED their prayers!  Our brothers and sisters are being put in prison because they love Jesus and will not renounce their faith.  They are being put among the hardest of criminals and sometimes beaten daily.  They are denied medical attention as well.


“Faith of our Fathers”, my favorite hymn, has become even more special to me as I have become connected to the persecuted church.  May I share?

Meet Alireza Seyyedian:






Our precious brother is now serving time (six years) in prison.  His crime?  He had bibles in his apartment.

Meet Pastor Behnam Irani:






Married to Kristina Irani.  They have two young children.  His “crime”?  He became a Christian.  He is not in good health, but denied hospital treatment.  Please pray.

Meet Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani:





You have probably heard about Pastor Youcef in the news.  He is facing the death penalty.  His “crime”?  He is a Christian.  Please pray for Youcef, his lovely wife Tina, and their two young boys.

We love you dearly!!  ~Kelly


In my work with the persecuted church, I have been honored to help translate this testimony from a prisoner in an Afghan jail, imprisoned for his faith in Jesus Christ.  My prayer is that it will bless your hearts and encourage you to keep our persecuted brothers and sisters in fervent, continual prayer.