Persecution Update

Posted: August 7, 2012 in What Matters Most
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“Faith of our Fathers”, my favorite hymn, has become even more special to me as I have become connected to the persecuted church.  May I share?

Meet Alireza Seyyedian:






Our precious brother is now serving time (six years) in prison.  His crime?  He had bibles in his apartment.

Meet Pastor Behnam Irani:






Married to Kristina Irani.  They have two young children.  His “crime”?  He became a Christian.  He is not in good health, but denied hospital treatment.  Please pray.

Meet Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani:





You have probably heard about Pastor Youcef in the news.  He is facing the death penalty.  His “crime”?  He is a Christian.  Please pray for Youcef, his lovely wife Tina, and their two young boys.

We love you dearly!!  ~Kelly


  1. Pray for the next 24 hrs Pastor Youcef will be facing trial on the Sept 8th, 2012. May Gods protection, strength, and Will be in favor for him, his countrys freedom, and Glordy of God revealed on their land more than ever! Stand in agreement saints of God!!!

  2. […] My sister Kelly and her husband know him personally and have visited with him in prison.  She did a blog post about several of their friends including him here. […]

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