Behind The Prison Walls

Posted: August 13, 2012 in What Matters Most
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Myself:  What message would you like me to send to the believers back home?

The persecuted:  Please tell them we are their brothers and sisters in the faith.  We love Jesus so much.  We NEED their prayers!  Our brothers and sisters are being put in prison because they love Jesus and will not renounce their faith.  They are being put among the hardest of criminals and sometimes beaten daily.  They are denied medical attention as well.


Their families miss them and are being harassed for turning to Christ.  It’s very hard for their spouses and children to be apart.  When someone from the church reaches out to the children to take them to the park to play, the police threaten them with imprisonment.  Please, ask them to PRAY HARD for us.  We are not afraid, but we need the Lord’s help.  Pray we will remain faithful to the cause of Christ, no matter the cost.

Please pray for the officials and others in prison to see Jesus living in our hearts.  They need to know the Savior too.  We want to make an impact for Christ wherever we are, whatever situations we are in.  Pray that many will respond to the Gospel Message.  We are happy to share the Good News, but only the Holy Spirit can open hearts.

Will you make a daily commitment to pray?

Tell us what you think :)

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