Idolatry In A Suit

Posted: September 21, 2012 in Things I've Learned, What Matters Most
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This year has been a hard time on our reputation as a church.  Many pastors have stepped down because of various reasons.  This is heart breaking! Within our denomination where we are missionaries, I see a rising trend, not in all churches but in many as we travel.

When we give the ownership of a church to man, then we have taken God’s glory away from Him.  It is never good when that happens.

I believe when we give more praise and more glory to the man leading than to God we are practicing idolatry. Isaiah 42:8 says, “I am the LORD: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images.” Isaiah 48:11 says, “…I will not give my glory unto another.”

When someone is more concerned about what their preacher will think about something than what God will think about something. This is a very serious matter!

How many times have you heard, “What will the preacher think about this?” “How would the preacher do this?” Shouldn’t it be, “What does God think about this?” Or, “How would God do this?” This is nothing more than idolatry.

This is a dear Pastor friend of ours and he hit the nail on the head!
Pastor Sean Kelly’s Facebook Post:

“I recently heard a pastor viciously criticize another pastor for not being as “old fashioned” as he was. This criticism was leveled because the second pastor’s church had a nursery. I didn’t know that having or not having a church nursery was what defined being old fashioned. I have been personally attacked as not being old fashioned because our church projects the lyrics for our congregational singing on a screen. By the way, I love old fashioned, Bible believing, holy living, sin hating, devil fighting, Christ exalting Christianity. In fact, I’m just old fashioned enough to believe that criticizing another pastor, in an unloving way, over something as non-biblical as a nurseries or screens is not old fashioned but rather just plain sin. Here’s a thought, be less consumed with making sure everyone thinks your old fashioned and more consumed with being like Christ. If one would do that, amazingly, he’d be a real old fashioned Christian!”

The successful church is not because of a man, it is because of God. Yes, man is used by God to build the church but the churches  they pastored are not theirs, they belong to God.

We should honor the man of God but don’t forget he is still a man.  We honor the man because of the office he holds and not because of who he is.  Think of Paul as he tried to get people to see the importance of his office – it wasn’t about looking at him. Rom. 11:13 “I will magnify mine office:”

Follow the man of God only as he follows Christ! 1 Cor. 11:1

There are too many people that need to know how to be saved and so much work to be done! We just need to keep our heart on Jesus!


  1. yalandarose says:

    i’ve noticed in my area that pastors of large churches tend to be idolized more often as if they are thankful for their pastor for their church and personal wealth.

  2. shofar says:

    That is quite an observation, Yalandarose! Isn’t it amazing that members of some mega churches put their pastors on pedestals, excuse their sins of materialism and mismanagement of church funds and put up with ‘feel good’ sermons and rock music concert type ‘praise’ music, etc. Satan is certainly working overtime in many churches these days with everything except sermons on repentance, salvation, hell and the return of Christ!

    • Shofar, I talked about that a little bit in “Dear Mr. Church” post May. 2012. I know it was in the beginning of my bogging and I am quite sure that I should have used a little more grace in my wording! We are a missionary family, and it really upsets me when I think that people think missionaries travel what I saw was portrayed. Maybe mega churches preachers and missionaries do. It’s not about whether you’re a mega church or not – it’s about WHO you’re serving!

      • shofar says:

        Yes, we have to remember who we serve all the time, why we go to church, what functions the church should serve, besides just a social gathering place or focusing on doing good works. What is your missionary background?

      • We are foreign and stateside missionary aid helping other missionaries with relief. Those who have to come home for various reasons and leave the field for a short time. Many times missionaries have worked in their field but when an emergency happens they may not have someone to temporarily help in the work. Stateside – temporary pulpit supply for churches while they are waiting for a full-time pastor, aid to providing help with the families who are struggling with free clothing, groceries, drug rehab, whatever is needed to help put them on their feet. Our daughter and my sister & her husband are in a Middle Eastern country working with the Muslim. Because of our 40 years in the ministry, God has allowed us to know many people in the ministry and put people together with people with need! We are so very thankful for that! And we trust God everyday for our every need. He is so able!

  3. sharpword says:

    Jen, People just don’t know the Lord! It’s pretty much all carnal
    even with most ‘Christians’ narcissistic ,Christianity, Narcissistic Worship, the whole thing. the me Church of this generation.
    No fear, of God and no Holiness

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