This Time Is Different…

Posted: June 13, 2012 in Soul Care
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As I try to write the emotions that my heart is bursting with, I am finding there is more upheaval than peace. My precious husband is at a camp meeting in our home state. Even though I totally support and love being with him in the ministry God has called us to – this time is different. My emotions are in a battle for each other. This time they are totally conflicting what I know to be right and what I know I am feeling.

He’s going to be in a place called LaGrange Ky. Nestled in the hills of Ky is this wonderful and peaceful camp meeting site. They provide great housing and food for everyone that stays. What more could you ask for? What a sacrifice for a church to do! God Bless Them! It is definitely known as a refuge for anyone that travels and needs spiritual uplifting. What a wonderful place God has given! The sponsoring church is Good Shepherd Baptist Church, Smithfield, Ky but usually people just say it’s in LaGrange, Ky. The name of the meeting is known as “OLDE KENTUCKY CAMP MEETING”.

But… Every time we mention we’re going to a meeting in LaGrange, Ky it is brought up that it is also known for housing a prison. The LaGrange Penitentiary. 

So the jokes commence, same jokes every time and you laugh the same (except for me) and yet no one notices I stare in silence. Dead Silence. Those jokes are not funny because the words -LaGrange Penitentiary pierces a place in my heart that I thought was healed. This is where the woman who murdered my mother was housed.

LaGrange Penitentiary – ohh!
LaGrange Penitentiary – Whoa!
LaGrange Penitentiary – Stabbed again!
Every time the wound is being exposed. I thought it was healed….

As a 6-year-old little girl, I hid behind the door as I heard my precious Mommy being shot by my daddy and his girlfriend. My sweet Mommy was shot 9 times at close range. They both had guns and came in to kill the whole family. They wanted to make sure she was dead. They could not find me because I was hiding. They kept calling, “Where’s Jen?” “Where’s Jen?” They finally left and I held my Mommy’s head while the blood poured like a fountain from her mouth. I ushered her into the arms of Jesus.

That’s a lot for a 6-year-old to do for her Mommy.

Going to the cross was a lot for Jesus to do for me.

God, please help me see LaGrange, Ky as a place with a wonderful refuge site for preachers, pastors, missionaries, and Christians to find peace and strength to continue on their journey. Thank you Lord the gospel is being preached to point all to Christ. Thank you Lord for Smithfield Baptist Church that offers such a place as this.


  1. D3 says:

    I adored your helpful writing. great information. I hope you release others. I will continue reading

  2. NB says:

    This touched my heart so much and made me feel even closer to you. You are wonderful with words and I could just read what you say all day. Thank you

  3. I love you so much, Jen!! Thanks for being my precious sister!!

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