Dear Mr. Church

Posted: May 25, 2012 in What Matters Most
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Maybe I shouldn’t write this down. Maybe I am the one being judgmental. Am I looking at this wrong, Lord?  And why does this matter so much to me? Why do I allow this to affect me?  Why can’t I just let this go?

I have so many sleepless nights and the TV just rolls on as the nightlight for me.  Many nights the mute button remains on or the sound is very low.  Occasionally I will roll over and see something that just catches my eye.

There you are Mr. Church and your Barbie Doll wife.  Complete with your own made up plastic hair, fake face, and plastered smile.

The stage is in place.  Lights are hung. The theme song is blasting.  The count down has begun now lets Praise Jesus!  You have got to be kidding me!!!

Here we begin your own special version of a reality show.  And that is exactly what it is.  A reality show!

I feel like I have just viewed another bonehead star of an artificial smiling motivational preacher who has just done his own version of the Christian’s answer to a Reality show.  And yes Mr. Ken and Mrs. Barbie will coach you in the proper attire to wear, how to socialize, how to behave, and smell Just Like Us, for we are sanctified and holy, and wouldn’t you like to be godly, too?  Yes, you can be Mr. Ken and Mrs. Barbie with your fake smile and plastic hair.

If these big market rating driven TV preachers like I just viewed were really interested in the mission trip he just showed, what was the point in making it a huge media production?  Did you not just loose the value of your mission trip?  All the expenses of your chartered plane, outlandish gear to make yourself comfortable, over-the-top designer clothing, special food flown in for your staff?  Gimme a break!  You don’t know ANYTHING about missions! All you know is about the television ratings on your ministry.

In My Humble Opinion. And that ALL it is MY Humble Opinion!

You don’t have a CLUE what REAL ministry is.

  • You care and love another genuinely without putting a video together for the world to see and do it as Christ did.
  • You go to a neighbor who needs a a shoulder to cry on.
  • You spend time with that young mother who has a child.
  • You listen intently to a friend who is crying.
  • You feed the homeless.
  • You mow the grass for the neighbor.
  • You give anonymously to a family so not to embarrass them.
  • You pray in your closet for hours, in that dark lonely closet for hours unseen by anyone except God alone.
  • And yes, Mr. Ken I understand you may do this.

And I may be the one on the judging end.

But when one on the mission trip said, “God has so blessed me by allowing my family to go on this mission trip. The people in the area were so over joyed to see us coming. They were clapping as our plane arrived. They were so grateful to us. It was sad to see the horrible conditions they live in.  I am so grateful to God and happy we were able to bring our blessings of Jesus to them. I just am thankful how God used me this week.”

Are you kidding?  You didn’t just say what I heard! Please accept my very best hand-me-downs.  You don’t deserve new. You aren’t God’s chosen like Pastor Ken and Sister Barbie.  Please be blessed with our presence! What sort of vile and repulsive exploitation of Jesus Christ is this? Do you think you should give the little girl a lollipop?

Jesus talked about this.

“But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth: that thine alms may be secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret Himself shall reward thee openly.”Matthew 6:3-4


  1. shofar says:

    Interesting thing is that these big name people with bright lights and glitter attract the masses even in third world countries with their huge meetings. Why is this so? Sometimes they even solicit and borrow money to register for seminars. We run across people, especially poor pastors who will do this. I think the glamour and prosperity messages have great drawing power and secretly many want more whatever it is and keep chasing after these things. We try to teach and preach otherwise, but I remember on one of our mission trips the excitement of being bused into the city to so and so’s meeting, everyone but us went to the meeting. My question again, why is this so? And I think the answer is that what we see happening is part of the deception of the last days.

    • When I re-read this I think I probably was a little upset when I wrote it! Many nights I cry because of what I witness right here in America!! I agree that many are looking for that ‘pie in the sky’ Jesus. We want them to have hope for a better life but in the reality of where they are. We want them to see Jesus as the Jesus Christ the Savior, for Whom He was sent to this earth for! It’s the eternal things that count!! Yes!!! Deception…Deception. How very sad and in the name of Jesus. 😦

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