Did You Fall In?

Posted: May 22, 2012 in Soul Care

As a child I use to get lost in my thoughts when given the opportunity to be left alone.  Being one of many children there were few times when I was afforded the alone time. My trips to the bathroom and shutting the door were a time of escape for me.  All too often I would hear the words, “Did you fall in?”

As we would visit our grandmother on Town Branch Hill she didn’t have the luxury of indoor plumbing.  The toilet there was called an ‘outhouse’.  It was just a building with a homemade toilet and a hole in the ground.  Yuck -and Double Yuck!  is the best I can describe it, but that’s the way it was in the country. I didn’t have to wait to hear the words, “Did you fall in?”

My childhood home was on a dead-end street with the Ohio River right in front of our house.  With our house being the last house on the street and near the boat dock, the creek bank was beside our house. Walking along side of the creek I soon discovered why no one would swim in it.  There is so much trash and filth that flows into it from the river.  Although most of it is collected in the river still some little wrappers, bottles and debris make it’s way to the creek creating a big ugly mess.  As we would walk, I usually always held tight to my daddy’s hand.  Sometimes my sisters and I, so full of young energy would run ahead of him.  Running and skipping along the shoreline of shallow water at times we would slip and let out that girlish scream. We would always hear Daddy call out these words, “Did you fall in?”

I wonder if these little wrappers, bottles and debris in the stream are like the sin in my own life that I just ignore.  Most of the major trash was collected but there was so much little trash that just slipped on through.  It’s those ‘little’ sins that are piling up and together polluting my soul and leaving me spiritually trashed.

How many times does Jesus say to me, “Did you fall in” and I just ignored him?

When I allow the trash from the world to linger to in my heart; the violence, vulgar speech, gossip, off-color jokes, greed and the like, I am leaving behind trash in my soul that is very hard to clean up.

I used to think all I had to do was to get rid of those ‘big’ sins in my life because that was what was polluting my soul, but I was wrong.  It was so much more than changing the way I dressed or how many times I attended church but it was also the ‘little’ things I was still holding onto.

My thoughts needed to be pure and unpolluted.  I need to be sweet, kind and moral in my heart.   If I am going to help others I need to realize it takes more than just outward appearance – and getting rid of the big sins but it takes a whole heart change.  I need to be more like Jesus.  He made outcast feel accepted, He showed the prostitute new life, the broken were made to feel whole again.  Jesus did all this by simply loving them with his whole heart.

I need to clean up all the garbage and trash in my life so I can love the way Jesus loves.

Lord, help me be willing to change when I hear Your voice saying, “Did you fall in?”

The banks of the river town where I grew up

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