As Christians – We Need Each Other!

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Soul Care
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As we entered the funeral of a young mother, many were sharing acknowledgments of her life & how they were affected by the investment she made in the lives of people.  She loved HER God.  She glorified HER God. She desired after the things of HER God.  She loved HER family.  She cherished HER church & friends.  How would we know this had she not opened up her life & shared her deep hunger for the things of the Lord?

I realize that we get so active with our own agenda, our own ‘personal convictions’ that we neglect to let people in & just show them Jesus.  I would rather show a deep hunger for God & just how PRESENT & REAL His love is.  Jesus is completely capable of cleaning up the ones He saves!  If I fail to show the love of Jesus – That’s the REAL tragedy!

Looking into the eyes of a well-beloved family brought these thoughts to mind:

  • I want to let others know I struggle with anxiety & discouragement, fight with sin everyday, & yet I cling to God.
  • I want to share lunch with an overwhelmed friend & focus on her needs.
  • I want to say, “I’m sorry!” a million times to a friend I wronged because I am ever aware of my failure & my need of God.
  • I want to make easy & simple meals for many friends – not just a few.
  • I don’t mind if there’s mud on my floor or a dog on my couch.
  • I don’t want to be critical of everything my friend has to say & think of myself more spiritual.
  • I want my kids to always know – without question – I LOVE THEM!
  • I want to hold hands with my husband & hug his neck every time I get the chance. I want to love, serve, support, & respect him.
  • I want to see people as being more important than things & for God to be the center of everything. EVERYTHING.
  • I want to enjoy and celebrate the people who God brings into my life ON PURPOSE!

This is what’s eternal.


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