My husband and I and another couple went to dinner after church.  We’ve been good friends for a long time – the 4 of us  had heavy hearts over family issues that we had no control over.  But our goal was to be together in support of each other and just talk through some things.

We laughed, we cried, we ate, we laughed some more.  At one point my friend and I left the men at the table while we went outside and sat on the curb to talk.  It was good…oh so good!  Just the 4 of us but it was absolutely what we needed.

Basking in the enjoyment of the evening yet at the same time my heart was praying for the things we agreed to pray for, I opened my Bible for my evening devotions.  I follow an outline in my evening devotions and there it was – I was to read in Job tonight!  For Heaven’s sakes of all the wonderful scriptures…why JOB?  I argued, “Lord, I need to be uplifted! Why is Job on my schedule?” But it was and so I continued.

Those first seven days Job’s three friends—Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar—were sitting in dust and ashes, aching and hurting with him. Job was helped by his friends having compassion for him.  Wow! That’s exactly what we’re suppose to do. That was it! That’s why I was supposed to read Job tonight!  When one of our friends is hurting we’re suppose to sit with them in the dust and ashes!   If Job’s friends had just stopped there they would have been heroes in the story but they didn’t.  Now as the story progresses they do turn against him, but I was only focusing on the first seven days.

Can I learn something from Job’s friends?  Absolutely!  That is specifically what my friend did for me tonight.  My friend showed compassion and patience toward me. As I was crying…she cried!  When I needed a hug…she held me!  When I was talking…she listened!

When a friend is walking through the fire we should be slow to speak and quick to listen. We should be ready to cry with them, ready to hold them, ready to comfort them, and wait upon the Lord… and wait upon the Lord..And wait upon the Lord!

Our God is still in control, our God is always good, our God is always loving, and our God is wise. We may not understand what is going on but we know God does. And we as friends will be there for each other. There’s comfort in knowing that along with my husband,  I have a few precious friends that I can pray with and we will fight the fight of faith together!

I love you girls!  You know exactly who you are! ~Jen

P.S.  If you’re reading this, I love you!

  1. Sam says:

    Jen, I really appreciated the post about hurting people and how important it is to have someone to confide in that feels your heart. So many people walk around with smiles on their faces that are truely hurting and no one knows. If we could just look at everyone with glasses that could look inside. Your post encouraged me, that when I ask a person how they are doing, to really listen to how they answer more carefully. I want to be a person that people can confide in and know that someone cares and that someone is praying for them. We are supposed to bear on anothers burdens, make their load a little lighter if we can. I see that more now than ever before. Thanks again for writing such an inspirational post.

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