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In Ky these use to be a common stable found on the table at every meal. Not so much anymore. :-(  I remember trying to teach my sister how to cook these fritters. It was such a disaster the first time. She ended up with either raw centers or burned edges…oh she was a toughie. They are wonderful discs of crispy fried onions and corny perfection! We actually use whatever onions we have at the time, green onions, vidalia, red onions, sweet…what ever is available! You can also finely chop up green/ red peppers or banana peppers/pepperonicini’s for variety. (more…)

When I was a little girl, I used to beg my Aunt to make corn fritters for me. Oh, they were sooo good!!! She lived near the local farmers and always had fresh corn. She would mix up this simple recipe and fry them on the griddle.