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Sometimes my mind just pings back and forth so fast like ping pong balls bouncing off the table.  I start to think of one thought and then before it is completed another one pops in my mind. I really want to learn how to blog….but, oh if you could just take a walk with me inside this mind….

I want to fix dinner tonight and make this delicious dish that I saw on Teresa’s blog at  cant stay out of the kitchen.  Ahhhhh…. And for dessert I may just try these  brownies Judy can cook!  Lindsey always has delicious desserts.  I don’t understand how she’s so tiny & gorgeous!

I look forward to these posts It’s all about ladders!  Who would think to post of nothing but ladders?  A ladder company! Creative thinking!

And humor?  Why couldn’t I be blessed with humor and talent like clotildajamcracker?  Everything she writes is wonderful.

I’ve always admired those who can do a bucket list and go for it. Way to go lesleycarter! She does it all!

Ok! Ok!  I’m trying…I promise!oneanna65 …Breath…Breath…Breath.

I so understand yalandarose. I really think she could be our sister!  If she only knew just how connected we really were!

Cindy Knoke’s holler sure doesn’t look like the holler that I came out of in Ky!  But I love our conversations!

Always interesting post here and I say FIGHT!  nutsfortreasure with all you have!

And do you love this cheerful face?  I DO! beingzhenya And she’s starting a new job!  Woo Hoo!

And is so faithful to pray for us! shofar Thank you!

But my very favorite is my lifelong friend.  It doesn’t take long to understand who the writer is in this friendship!  What a gift God gave me when I was given Renee.

So many more blogs that I love! My sister Kelly and I are just learning how to blog.  We’ll catch on….just hang around!