Time to Adjust Priorities

Posted: February 27, 2014 in Family Love
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While thinking about the story of Joseph and most,  whether in church or not relate to ‘Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors.”  You can click  on the link below and read the details of his life but my thoughts were going in a different direction.  One thing I did find interesting about the story of Joseph is the essential story is the same in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. There are differences in details.

What really spoke to my heart about Joseph was how he honored his father. Regardless of what he had been through and where he was he honored his father!

For many years, Joseph had no contact with his elderly father, the patriarch Jacob. However, Joseph had evidently not lost his undying love for Jacob. When Joseph revealed his true identity to his brothers, he asked, “Is my father still alive?”
(Gen.43:7,   Gen.43:27, Gen. 45:3)

What compelled Joseph to have such thoughtfulness and vigilance in wanting to care for his father? Of course he had a love and a sense of indebtedness to the one who had given him life but  he also had an  intense yearning to please God.  And So should we! Love for God and the reverential fear of Him will move us (IF we belong to Him) to care for aging parents, no matter what the challenges are or may involve!  If  one was NOT moved or compelled to care or at least see to the care of their parents then I would be concerned with where I stand in Christ!

“But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel” (1Tim 5:8) I would say that if you have a parent at home that may need your attention, a phone call, help in any way the Bible tells you exactly what to do.  Joseph was even in a foreign land but that did not matter.  His attention needed to be on his father. It surely concerns me that we are a society that focuses on Me. Me. Me and not on others…especially when we know it is “of our own household.”

Joseph as described in wikipedia

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