Drop The Chains!

Posted: August 17, 2013 in Soul Care
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chains-001I have watched and read messages of people who are struggling with hardship and those who have had victories this week.  I have seen the million man march that is to take place on 9/11/13 with the Muslims.  I am concerned.

Then I see where a church has been flooded and the real effects of a natural catastrophe that has taken place. This is both here in the US and across the world. We are living in an age that the climate is changing and we are seeing things happen like never before.

What I see next stopped me in my tracks!  A church with the discussion on the topic of whether to integrate some praise and worship music into their morning service.  Not change the whole music program just add to it. Are we so caught up in trivial issues that a Pastor who is sincerely trying to lead the flock,  that he has to deal with something so minor?  I realize the music sets forth the attitude of worship for the sermon.  If this were a black church this would not have even been discussed.  What’s the difference?  Are we not serving the same God?

On down the news feed we have Christians name calling. Gays are going to hell if they don’t get saved.  Sin is sin. Period.  Overeating is overeating. Period. Lazy is lazy. Period. Stealing is stealing. Period. Why do we pick on a pet sin and stay there? Jesus didn’t why do we?

Stay where you are church.  Don’t accept the change in people.  We are not in the 1800’s.  Go ahead and call the people you disagree with by the slang worldly names. You want mercy extended to you and you want to be called a light to the world but you are not being one yourself.

We are called to be of service, mercifully, forgiving, humbly, service to the world.

 The church is us. The church is not for us.  We are the church!


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