Sometimes You Just Have To Say It!

Posted: November 1, 2012 in Purposely Unique

I posted this (as a note) on my facebook page about a year ago.  The older I get the more patience I have with some things and the less patience I have with others.  Go figure!  I know I would be a much better mother today but I would be much less tolerant of racism and ignorance!

Things that IRK me!

  1. Closed minded people.
  2. 10 year old children on facebook (go play with your toys)
  3. People saying, “Knock on Wood.” Really? What does that do?
  4. People saying, “There must be a dark cloud over your head” Wow! Thanks for the encouragement!
  5. People that try to control others through guilt and manipulation. (Get a remote controlled toy! Quit playing with humans beings!)
  6. People who constantly complain about the Mexicans. Hello!!! There are 2 borders. Did you forget Canada? Oh, they’re ok because they look white & work our horse farms!
  7. When I express my opinion on America & someone disagrees with ….”If you don’t like America, then leave the country”…Really? Wasn’t that the kind of logic that Hitler used on the Jews? This is America. I am an American. I do have an opinion. Thank you very much!
  8. People who let an itzy bitzy teeny bit of power allow them to become a J.E.R.K.
  9. People ruining the sarcasm in Facebook statuses by posting a totally practical 3 page comment to prove how wise you are. We roll our eyes at you! It’s FB!
  10. People that post about welfare. Welfare includes – Foodstamps, Medical care, Housing, a whole lot of stuff – so you better think! I PROMISE! PROMISE! you, if I need food stamps to feed my family I WILL GET THEM! And don’t tell me YOU will let YOUR child go hungry. Get rid of your pompas attitude – Or better yet, go help feed them!

Oh boy…I could add another 10!  How about you?  ~Jen

  1. yalandarose says:

    6. i hear so many people complaining about our south border, that honestly, until i read this post, i forgot about our north border lol!
    7. yeah, i have to resist the urge to sarcastically respond, “yeah, because leaving the country is so much easier than just accepting diversity”
    9. i quit commenting on other forums because the grammar police will overlook the entire point just to correct a typo.
    10. what annoys me most about people complaining about others on welfare is that they probably don’t know a single person living on welfare, and they certainly don’t know how frustrating the system is trying to get it. when i lost my job, i applied for welfare and foodstamps and anything else i could get because i have a child that depends on me. because i have 1 child, i only qualified for $100 a MONTH! i was not about to spend 9 more months and 20 more years raising another child for an extra $100. that was my incentive to find another job fast. i don’t even miss the foodstamps, because honestly, it made me fat:) i don’t know a single person in my social circle “living off the government” because from experience you will lie awake at night on the little the govt. will give and how long the govt. takes to give it to you when you need it. it took me 6 weeks to find another job, and i only received 1 unemployment check at that time (never got the welfare since i got my 1 unemployment check). living off the govt. is not the easy life many people think it is!

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