Is it any wonder that we have a major problem with sex trafficking in America? We have a candidate that is using sex in his advertising and is totally demoralizing to women! Do we have to sexualize everything?  Even down to the office of the President of the United States?

This is not about being a Democrat or a Republican this is about standing up for the right of women.  Now we’re seeing an ad that wants young first-time voters to imagine that pulling the lever is like having sex with that candidate. What makes it even worse is that it is endorsed by his campaign! My first time ad is so disgusting!  Pro lifers respond to it.

Then to find this ad!   How incredibly demeaning and insulting!  To even suggest that girls can’t succeed in life with a child or their dreams can’t come true without the government issued condoms! Do they think young women are so weak or do not have enough money to purchase condoms so they can’t reach their dreams? Mr. President, there’s more to teaching young girls about dreams than thinking it all hinges on whether they have a government issued FREE condom!

“Children are an heritage of the Lord”
Ps. 127:3

What does federal issued condoms have to do with becoming a Dr. to dolphins or a fighter pilot? Nothing!  Condoms are easily available and relatively inexpensive.  So, if you want them, go buy them and set them in your medicine cabinet next to the cough syrup like the ad suggest.  The government shouldn’t provide you with a condom just like it doesn’t provide you with cough syrup. ~Jen


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