Facebook Burnout!

Posted: September 30, 2012 in Things I've Learned
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Does anyone else ever want to SCREAM “Social Media Burnout!”

Don’t get me wrong I love the internet.  But I have finally just had it with my facebook account and deactivated it. I really enjoyed it for the time and quite honestly the deactivation became a necessity. So many aspects of it was suddenly driving me nutzo!

I do not mind a couple of your thoughts on the election but good grief must we go on and on? Do you really think you’re going to change my mind?  Or the friends that get bold behind the computer and you really wonder where those post came from?

In the beginning I enjoyed being in contact with friends from all around the world. I enjoyed seeing the new baby pictures, hearing the latest news & etc.  Before long those post grew few and far between.

Post like this started invading my wall very quickly,
“Soaking up the sun by the pool. I love my life!”
Give me a break. You are 64 years old and do we really need a mental picture of you in a bathing suit?  Seriously, do you think is information your friends want to know?

“Feeling tired at work…” or “Oww my headache won’t go away!!”
Seriously?  This is the 29th time this month!  Go to the Doctor!  This type of redundant posts cries out to me the person has a serious case *I need attention*

“I’m all pumped up after 2 hours at the gym!” Gee, well good for you! Now why don’t you tell someone who cares? Oh wait, you did – on facebook!

“Put 90 hours in this week, prepared all the meals for the family. I’m just too awesome!” Ok we’ve petted your ego for so long, now you have facebook to do that.

Then facebook suggests that I friend someone?  Do they realize there is a reason I have not friended that person?  Please quit asking me the question! NO!  I don’t want to friend them!

Before long you realize you’re seeing the exact same bandwagon of post from some friends. If they are against vaccinating their children, then every news article ever published suddenly appeared on your page.  Some have strong religion preferences to the point of being belligerent so their facebook page is belligerent.  You can’t disagree or even offer another view on the matter  because they are belligerent!  They’re not your friend they’re your  belligerent facebook friend.

Oh, and the happy birthdays on our walls?  Like who really remembered your birthday except that facebook reminded them?

I am going to miss the good I see on facebook.  The cross posting of missing children and animals.  There are times when some who risked their lives for us while in other countries and their only communication is facebook. The times I’ve reached out to friends when I desperately needed prayer for our family and I know they prayed!

I do have some amazing friends that have wonderful things but they don’t post it on facebook.  For now, I’m going to read a newspaper.  I’m going to purposely write a hand written letter to a friend. So long facebook…..This Southern gal will not miss your drama.  I have too much going on in my life to deal with it!


  1. Genie says:

    Been there, done that – and happily deactivated my Facebook account, but, I removed all my friends first, deleted all my posts (that was before the spy timeline) and changed my name then deactivated so that I would never be tempted to go back. And it’s interesting to note that I have not regretted leaving even once.

    • Wow! And did anybody really notice?

      • Genie says:

        LoL No, I don’t think so! Now that you mention it it does seem bizarre! But, Facebook is all about who is there right then for instant contact, messages and chats so they just go on with who is there! Besides, everyone there is all about themselves, generally, so what’s to miss when other people are still there to do idiotic status updates to! Really made me see how shallow the place is, of course at first, like you said it’s terrific connecting with long lost people from the past and catching up but it does not stay that way as your post pointed out so well and then it’s time to leave the joint forever.

  2. sharpword says:

    LOL EH!! This is very funny. I have quit Face book at least 3 times. And did like Genie did in the end removed everything completely from it then shut it off. Maybe blogging is not much different though? Do we do this because we are lonely, or disturbed, or what? I’ve been off Face Book for 2 years now I think, and bam this morning I wake up dreaming about Kevin Burtnik a face book radical with thousands of fans, while i had Just a few lol Praise God for loneliness, maybe we can learn to pray again 🙂 Daniel didn’t have Face book in the Lions den and He was safe! Ha ha ha

  3. Nora says:

    I totaly understand the reason you did but I want you to know I have missed you so much. I loved all your post and your refreshing comments an just the way you seen things on the world. I love seeing things thru your eyes and they sooo change the way I do and look at things. So I want to take this time and thank you for being a great face book friend and you are so missed by me and by many I am sure.


    • I love you soooo much! You know it was becoming dangerous for me to be there. I was going to start speaking my mind and it wasn’t going to be pretty! ha Who knows? I may be back one day with a vengeance! LOL Wearing a bathing suit by the pool…yeah right!

  4. shofar says:

    Jen, you were able to really paint the picture about the ogre named Facebook. Thanks for revealing Facebook as it really is- shallow, trite stuff, time robber and waster, mostly useless and soon forgotten communication, often between people who are not true friends, but just names and numbers. I quit when I began getting requests from friends of friends who wanted to be my friend. Why? For what or what for? It became a meaningless daily exercise to keep up with my Facebook. So I unfriended everybody and told them I was quitting some months ago, but kept ‘Sounding the Shofar’ Facebook group open by invitation only.

    I like the personal value and benefits, developing friendships as my own doing, and having the control factor of a personal blog a whole lot better.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I agree with You 100%. .., Facebook drama Bla Bla Bla. Thanks for posting.. Cheers
    Love you..

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