Learning to listen will change you.  I wonder how many lives would have been changed had someone just heard what they were saying? …Or maybe what was left unsaid.



May I hear with understanding beneath the words you use
May I hear with my heart and mind
May I hear with no personal intention
May I hear with compassionate eyes
May I hear with a kind heart
May I hear with concentration
May I hear without judgment
May I wait patiently and quietly through your times of silence
May I consider it an honor when you share with me those deep painful moments

I will always say a prayer. ~Jen

  1. sharpword says:

    This is so beautiful Jen! Slow to speak quick to hear James says, but maybe were to quick to really hear cause we really only want to speak anyway. I used to practice speaking hyper warp speed because I knew I only had a few seconds and time with the people in my life lol now I cant even slow my mouth down enough to understand myself, and still nobody listens . That’s why I write.:)

    • Ah! I bet you do listen! Being from Ky I don’t speak fast! Coming from a past of no one hearing my cries I decided a long time ago to listen to people. AND especially our children. If it’s important enough to that person to allow those thoughts to leave their mind through their mouth AND trust me with those thoughts then it’s important enough for me to listen! Even if those thoughts were in anger…I will listen. Thank you for your thoughts! We all have a testimony of why we are here. One day I will share mine.

      • sharpword says:

        I would like that, I wonder if you would share your name with me Mine is Hubert. And you are very right about listening to our kids. Psalm 8 out of the mouths of babes and infants right? 🙂

      • I am Jen. Good to meet you!

      • sharpword says:

        Hi Jen 🙂 Good Morning to you, and God bless your day!! take a look at Storm 11 pt III I just posted it along with Rich Mullins song Let mercy Lead

        Have a wonderful day, Y/T Hubert

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