Human trafficking is a global problem; Considered the world’s fastest growing criminal enterprise. ’09 U.S. Dept.of State estimates that 50,000 people are trafficked into the US annually.

When a friend’s blog post was, I hate traffic I realized there are many other people that God is using to start spreading the word against human trafficking!

We can no longer keep our eyes closed to the human trafficking problem in America. Join us in our support of bringing awareness to this problem!  Covenant Friendship Ministries is making a difference. If you are on Facebook, like &  share it. They are rescuing girls from the sex slave industry and introducing them to Jesus!  It is going on in every state in the U.S. Girls as young as 9 years old are being sold into this industry often by their own family members! Please help spread the word!


If you’re think human trafficking, child prostitution, drug crimes, gang wars, and all the other horrors of modern social issues is only happening in other countries **Think Again**   When you think about how dangerous and unethical life has become THINK What can I do to help?

This is a tremendous article. Please take time to read it!

A  victim speaks out for tougher penalties.

We can no longer keep our head in the sand to this issue! Get the Facts about trafficking! Ignorance may be bliss but it does not take care of a problem. It may be your child one day!


  1. petit4chocolatier says:

    Excellent post and reading!

  2. yalandarose says:

    the whole situation is extremely heartbreaking because once you lose your innocence you can never get it back. those children will always have physical and emotional scars. i am praying that God Tells me what i can do to help, and let me know what i can do too.

  3. cindy knoke says:

    If I had the power to solve one global problem, this would be it. Thanks for posting.

    • findingyourblessings says:

      Oh I so agree! And people need to wake up and see this is happening all around us! NOT just in other countries. Heart breaking!

  4. “Where sin abounds, grae much more abounds.” While the human trafficking blight increases so does the light of God and those who care. There are many sub-movements within the abolitionist movement, each playing their respective parts to change the tide of abuse. One of the many that I think makes a significant difference is the “Not For Sale Campaign.” Their approach is sustainable alternatives to the poverty that often ignites trafficking. They’ve done amazing things arund the world, the latest of which is in the Peruvian Amazon where thousands are being bought and sold. They’ve created a sustainable cold tea business, using the natural resources of the jungle called REBBL. I encourage you to look into it.

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