It’s Time To Change

Posted: September 12, 2012 in What Matters Most
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I have struggled and struggled as I write these thoughts. I’ve thought about this a lot. Why does it seem that so many people are being hurt, wronged, burned, or ostracized by the church? It has become such a battle cry. And I’m reading or hearing this too many times, “I’ve been wounded by the church!”

Then I’m seeing some Christians that just can’t resist posting on facebook and websites what jerks we’ve all been. Don’t get me wrong; there are many things the church needs to own up to and apologize for. I’m not talking about the serious cases of abuse those are just a given.

If I didn’t know better or if I were a casual bystander, I would think the church is evil, just pure evil. The church isn’t evil; the church is made up of human beings! I know what it’s like to be hurt by the church. I’ve been there too.

If you think of your church like any other building then it probably doesn’t mean  much to you. So it’s easy for you to complain and post negative things about it. If it goes under, you don’t care because you didn’t invest any of your time into it. You sat on the sidelines.

But there are those of us who have invested our heart, soul and life into it. And it hurts deep within the very depths of our being when we see so many posts, articles and people criticizing what we love.

It’s like our kids. We invest time and love into them and many times they hurt us. Will we quit being their parents? Absolutely not! Too much invested in them. My sweet husband can irritate me to no end. Has he ever said something that totally crushed my heart or disappointed me? Yes, but my love for him is so much deeper than that fleeting comment. Will we talk about it and get it worked out? Absolutely. That’s unconditional love. Too many years, a promise and a vow to each other to just throw it away. The closer you get to anything, the more flaws you see. The more emotionally involved we are the more emotionally wounded we are too.

When we say negative things to unbelievers we may be hindering their opportunity to have a relationship with Christ. This isn’t something flippant – this is eternal and it goes deep within my very being! Christians have got to stop criticizing the church! We’re the problem because we are the church!

How are we going to share the love of Christ if we’re criticizing other Christians? The most important decision they will ever make is to know for sure they are going to heaven.


  1. Sam says:

    This is such an important topic, and you have done a wonderful job writing about it. It’s true that sometimes churches seem almost evil, I too have been hurt to the very depths of my being, however, I know that Satan can attack at any angle and will use anybody or anything he can to keep people from the main goal of winning and nourishing souls. If this is not recognized by the church that they are in a battle with the devil, then MANY people will be hurt and even stop going to any church and then the testimony they had is destroyed. Then the devil wins. We as individuals or as a church body must recognize the enemy when he comes and not let this happen. Far too often we take our eyes of of JESUS! Then anything can happen. It is imperative that we know the WORD when things happen. Thats how we WIN the battles individually or as a church body. The most important thing is to KEEP OUR FOCUS ON JESUS no matter what comes our way.

  2. yalandarose says:

    Paul addressed this to his church and apparently the church still hadn’t heeded his lesson. Why would unbelievers want to know God or come to church to worship if Christians keep airing their dirty laundry by exploiting abuses and division within the church. The church should work internally to correct these problems and weed out abusers, if not, the church looks no different from the rest of the world. another issue i have is that Paul said that the church shouldn’t tolerate members who act no different from the rest of the world but still call themselves a brother or sister in Christ, but many churches not only tolerate it but overlook it, how sad.

    • On the abuse issue – I agree that it should be handled within the church also. Obviously, many church leaders have failed to address the issue in the beginning stages. If it had not been swept under the rug for too long it would have never snow balled.
      On the problem of tolerating sin, Paul says in Gal.6:1 “Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore…” The key phrase there is “ye which are spiritual, restore…: The problem is the church isn’t spiritual. Or let me rephrase is quickly loosing it’s spiritual standing. That’s Sad!!

  3. Nora says:

    We forget it is the same way as when you tell your family bad things about your husband or someone else in your family and then you work it out and go on with your life but they still remember what you said about that person and a lot of time will never feel the same way about them. We should never put things out there for the world to see. You see we at church are one big family and we have our problems because we are human but when we follow Gods word and work them out then we can love one another again. But if we air everything out in public then there is others that will never forget and may never be saved just because we can’t keep our mouth shut.

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