Let me just share a few words and let the pictures say the rest… Our son Ben and his pit bull Fleetwood

Ben always had a love for old Cadillacs.

“Fleetwood is a member of the family. He has his own bed.

        Yes, I am even feeding him with a fork! He’s my grand baby ya know!

He always wears his seat belt when he’s in the car.  Do you?

This is where the story changes….Ben became very sick. Very sick. And has been diagnosed with a rare blood disorder and has epileptic seizures.    He is in the hospital sometimes for 4-6 weeks at a time.  Fleet and Ben both mourn when they are separated. The Dr. ordered Fleet to be brought to the hospital but because he is a pit we had to go through special procedures.  The pictures tells all about a healing touch….

Fleet doesn’t eat much when Ben is away and even refuses a hamburger on the visit 😦

Every time Ben is in the hospital, this is what we do.  Fleet stays right beside him when he is allowed to visit.  We have to wait until Ben is out of ICU before that can happen.  But he never leaves his side.

Since Ben has lost use of his legs it’s up to me, (Grandma) to do the exercising. And we have a blast! 🙂

                                             Yes, I do rock him! And he’s a Pit Bull…Go figure.

Nobody gives kisses like Fleetwood!

                                   Snuggle time 🙂 Black outfit + white dog hair

                        =oh my!  No modesty with this boy 😉

And gets his Easter outfit like Grandma and Grandpa!






Poses for any picture


And is on pinterest and has been pinned + pinned + pinned!



Now, just to sum it up.  Fleetwood warns Ben when he’s having a seizure.  He knows what to do for Ben during that time.  Fleet can get Ben a bottle of water from the fridge.  He knows how to notify me (we live 25′ from them) when Ben is in danger. There are so many absolutely amazing things this pit bull can do.  So…..

Please think of Fleet the next time you see a pit bull.

~T& B. Ben and Fleetwood

  1. yalandarose says:

    at my old job, my boss used to bring her pit to the office all the time. he was so mild mannered that i didn’t know he was a pit until she told us. the way you treat an animal or person makes all the difference.

    • You’re exactly right! It’s always important to respect any dog! If you notice when the news refers to an incident with a pit they say PIT BULL ATTACK. If its another dog they NEVER mention the dog’s name – it’s just the FAMILY PET. That is so irritating to me! Fleetwood has saved Ben’s life many times. God sent Fleet to us, we know that and Thank God for him! Thank you for commenting!

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