1 John 4:4-6

In Scripture we see two times when satan tested the believer’s faith.  The first occasion is recorded in Job 1:6-12 and the second in Luke 22:31-34.  Job and Peter were satan’s targets.  While both men were triumphant, by God’s grace, in their testings, the most vulnerable areas of their lives were targeted.

As we grow in our faith, satan is threatened.  He doesn’t always have to “sift us like wheat” as he did with Peter to accomplish his goal.   When we think we are stagnant in our growth, we are actually backsliding, losing fellowship with our Savior, and making ourselves less useful for the cause of Christ.

As you begin your day, remember that spiritual food is more vital than physical food.  Seek a closer relationship with Jesus.  Love Him more today than you did yesterday.   Devour His Word, pray fervently and consistently.  Put on your armour, soldier!  Stand on God’s promises and live in victory!!

Blessings on your new day!!


  1. shofar says:

    AMEN, AND AMEN! That is a GOOD WORD for all of us!

  2. That is great Kelly! Love you, Jen

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