Recycled Stuff for the Garden!

Posted: August 17, 2012 in Crafts
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Recycled Stuff for the Garden!  So many adorable ideas using *stuff* we already have. I LOVE recycling and reusing!  Look at all the wonderful ideas!

Special thanks to littleshackonthehill blogspot for this post I found.

This is me….dreaming, planning and wishing….lots of really wonderful ideas out there for using old stuff in the garden.  I’ve always preferred original planters rather than the typical pots and barrels and there are so many things you can stick a pansy into!  Check out all of these ideas for re-using, reducing and recycling I found on the web!

Old toilet tanks!  Love the styles and colors!


 This looks like an old tool chest, but you could use an old school locker, minus the door, or an old metal file cabinet!


 Pallet plus wheels = COOL!


Now, what did I do with that old blue enamel strainer???  Pretty sure it’s in the attic!


Seed and fertilizer spreader!


I’ve had some old hose just waiting for this project!


An old wagon gets a new life!


Who said cinder blocks were ugly?


Love, love, love this!!!



  1. shofar says:

    Lovely pictures! Such creativity that really shows off the beautiful flowers! We like to recycle, too!

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