The Name Above All Others

Posted: August 8, 2012 in Soul Care, What Matters Most
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As I shop in the local markets, I am seeing many Western icons, but no churches.  I ask myself why people are so eager to buy Coke, Wrangler blue jeans and Neutrogena products, but mention the Name of Jesus and they are clueless.

It’s only in Jesus’ Name that lives are changed for eternity.  Who’s fault is it that they don’t understand?  Is it their own fault because they have resisted, or our fault because His light doesn’t shine bright enough in our lives for others to want what we have?

As we said grace in an open-air restaurant yesterday, the women at the table next to us questioned each other as to where we were from and who we were praying to.  Shouldn’t we spend more time figuring out how to saturate the world with the Good News than selling products world wide?

Please pray for us to be living examples of Christ in this foreign land.











  1. Kelly, I pray for you several times a day! I miss you and your dear sweet one more than you will ever know. I think of our sweet “T” who is also serving Jesus in a country where she can not pray openly. I love you…I love you…I LOVE YOU! ~Jen

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