As a Mother of beautiful and perfect….let me add… adult children, I fear, I honestly fear for the generation of children that I see around us.  Who is teaching the children?

I’m concerned that we as American women are some of the best educated women in the world, yet we are weak minded when being motivated by trendy ideas. We pursue knowledge from universities or self-help books, but are unable to recognize the damage the trendy ideas are executing on this generation and for generations to come.  I do believe some of the “old” ideas that were passed down and had no value or reasoning, need to go. However, as adults and mentors we need to instill some lost values such as good judgment, purity, respect and compassion. These will leave a positive affect for generations to come.

2 Tim. 3:7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

We’re consenting to allow the world to mentor our children instead of the Word of God.  You can not separate your faith from your every day life based on trendy opinions and theories.  The Word of God is not trendy and it does not change!

Paul wrote to Timothy saying in the days, (paraphrasing) there will be no respect for what is holy, there will be more love of pleasure rather than God. Some will appear to have a godly life but they won’t let its power change them. Counterfeit teachers will increase in the last days. He cautioned that they would be especially manipulative of weak-minded women who are burdened with sins and led by all kinds of desires.  I believe he particularly mentioned women here because we do most of the teaching of our children.

We may not be able to rationalize with trendy thoughts but if we are not prepared with the knowledge of the Word God then we are weak and unlearned.

The weak and unlearned become vulnerable to many worldly ideas.  I desire to be knowledgeable in God’s Word so that I can be strong in the face of adversity.


  1. shofar says:

    You have a very nice blog site! I am also new to blogging. In fact, everything I just wrote disappeared and I’m starting again. Times have changed; people have changed so we have to adjust with the changing times. This is the mentality today in our American society which chooses to reject God, ignore His Word and His standards of morality and righteousness. Yet God does not change; He still expects us to be the light of the world and salt of the earth and teach our children respect and responsibility. Such a challenge it is when their parents regard them as peers, don’t want to teach and correct them lest they offend them; they take their side against their teachers and coaches, are indulgent parents and so on. We have reaped the consequences of removing God and parental authority from the home, from our nation, and have allowed everyone’s rights to over run society- children’s rights, gay rights, prisoners’ rights, etc. It is grievous to God and we are ripe for His judgment upon America, a nation that no longer fears God.

    • Thank you for reading our blog! My sister and I are very new at this and you will find that she and I even have different views on things. That’s why we sign our names, Kelly or Jen. Not many…but some. It would be my desire that we would look past what others have done or are doing and take responsibility to teach our children through the Grace of Jesus Christ. It is through His Grace that I am what I am. ~Jen

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