“I’ll pray for you!”  And though I know, I just know, there are those that really mean it.  You know who they are.  And you know who they are not!

There are some that I want to look in the eye and tell them I know what they were really thinking….

“Oh, I’m sorry…that really stinks! How do I get out of this awkward conversation?”

I understand.  We’ve all been there.  I’ve done the exact same thing and walked away and completely abandoned ever having that conversation.  Yes, it has been a while since I have learned from that behavior and vowed not to do that again.  I purposely try to not say “I’ll pray for you” until I have offered other help first.  Then I will follow up with those words knowing I will genuinely pray for them!

I believe that it is so prevalent in this world to be selfish, greedy and lack compassion. So many seem to always want more or are envious of what others have.  I don’t believe it is necessarily intentional.   We become so wrapped in discontentment that it becomes difficult to care about another person’s life.  Life is really difficult at times and I understand!

Not only do I want to be the recipient of other people’s heart cries to God but I want my heart to cry out on behalf of others. I need the prayers of others and I need to pray for others!  I want to be that person that you can count on to pray for you.

When someone comes to your mind, don’t dismiss that thought.  Think of it as a nudge from the Holy Spirit and PRAY. Then let them know you prayed for them.  They need to know you care. Your intercessory prayer may be their guide to a glimmer of hope.

Prayer is like breathing! Our family cannot live without it! ~ Jen

  1. NB says:

    Well the Holy Spirt must nudge me all the time to pray for you because I think of you an your family everday and how bless I feel that God put you in our life. Your life the things you do an the things you write have all been a great blessing to me and help me see an think of life and what God has given me in a totaly different way. Love you and thanks.

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