How often we forget that our self-sufficiency is not honoring to the Lord. We have all seen children who have learned to survive without the help of his or her parents. This is a poor reflection on the parents, is it not? In the same way, those of us who are born again and do not trust the continual love and provision of our Heavenly Father are casting a shadow upon His perfect, holy character. Our independence undermines all the blessings He has so freely given us.

The culture of our day teaches it is a good thing to be self-sufficient, yet God’s Word is clear we should be dependent on Him. He wants to meet our every need. Remember when the Lord told Gideon to reduce his army so everyone would know it was the Lord who gave the victory and not the military power? Young David, a shepherd boy, would be the one selected to take on the giant Goliath. Many times we are pressed in on every side as though the situation were completely hopeless, if it weren’t for the upholding, sustaining hand of the Almighty meeting our every need. These are the situations the Lord delights in. It is in these times of our weaknesses that His power is most beautifully demonstrated! He wants us to trust Him. From Moses’ basket floating in the river to the cherished humble stable of Bethlehem, God has proven Himself strong.

When people watch us, do they see our self-sufficiency or our total reliance upon Jehovah? Do they know what the source of our strength is? If they don’t, why aren’t we making Christ clearer in our lives? Help me today Lord, to acknowledge my utter dependence on You. You have never failed. You alone are worthy to be worshipped. I love you Jesus!!


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