Abraham and Sarah were a childless couple who had been told by an invisible God that they would parent many countless generations.  They didn’t have a bible or the fellowship of other believers to encourage their hearts.  All they had was a lot of time to think about the promise God had made to them.  So much time, in fact, that their childbearing years were now far behind them.  But God, as always, kept His promise.  Abraham and Sarah rejoiced when their son was born.  The invisible God they believed in was vindicated.








Then the unimaginable happened.  Against all human logic, the Lord told Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, their only son, who was to be the father of future generations.  How would God keep His vow?  Would He give them another son?  Would He raise this child from the dead?  With an amazing amount of faith, Abraham took the long walk up the mountain and lifted his hand against His only son.  He knew his obedience to the Lord must outweigh anything else.  His obedience was even more important than God’s promise.

If our faith hasn’t reached the depth of Abraham’s faith, then our faith hasn’t been stretched enough.  God will many times lead us into difficult places and confusing times.  Our faith has to outweigh all logic, all comfort, and all understanding.  When this happens, the Lord means more to us than anything!











~ Kelly


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