Pick up a rag and a basin of water.

Posted: July 3, 2012 in Soul Care, Things I've Learned, What Matters Most
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“We must never minimize the suffering of another. Scripture’s mandate to us is, ‘Weep with them that weep.’” -Billy Graham

Have you ever felt like you have given and given and given?  And perhaps you have invested your time and energy into something and still things did not turn out the way you thought they should have?

Then my thoughts turn to Jesus.  He was God in human flesh!  He had All Power!  Yet while in His time on earth He showed us what it was like to become a Servant.  He got down on His knees, and began to wash dirty feet. He washed off dirt, cleaned dirty filthy toes, making dusty feet clean.  And all of this ‘as God in human flesh’.  He had compassion for others.

Not at any time do we see Christ saying,

“I’ve done all I’m going to do.”  “I’m done with you.”  “It’s over, you’re on your own.”

Today, I do not want to think about what I have given and given.  I want to pick up a towel and wash another man’s feet.  A towel, a basin of water, and love is what they need.  If all of us can turn over our ‘need’ to be recognized and pick up a rag, a basin of water and the desire of servanthood, we can make a change.

Jesus asks all of us to take up a towel and basin, to set aside our pride and self importance and to bend down to the ground and wash the precious filthy dirty feet of another.

Oh give me a Servant’s Heart! ~Jen


  1. NB says:

    Amen! I so have a hard time with this but I sure do pray for it.

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