His Sweet Innocence!

Posted: June 27, 2012 in Family Love
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He cut his own bangs and has fresh stitches on his forehead. That’s our Krys!

Our children are grown but as I think over the years I loved the innocence of their youth!  Krystopher was our absolutely adorable, totally white haired, blued eyed, sun tanned little boy!  Full of energy and fun!  He melted this Momma’s heart!  AND everyone that he came in contact with.

I had to take Krys to school late one day when he was in the 2nd grade because of a Dr.s appointment.  On our way to school he began to whine a little saying he didn’t want to go in late because the teacher would call him names.  “What do you mean call you names?”  I said.  “Mommy, she will, I promise!”  I was a little concerned but didn’t want to show it because you’re never sure exactly what they are really trying to express to you.

So the closer we got to school the more upset he became.  “No, Mommy, NO Please don’t make go in!”  I really became concerned.  As I pulled into the parking lot  we walked over and sat down under the tree to talk about it.  As we were sitting there his student teacher walked up. He adored his student teacher!

She noticed his was visibly upset and asked what was wrong.  He just hung his head and said he didn’t want to go in.  I explained what our conversation had been.  Understanding there may be more to this than we realized, she put her arm around him and said, “Krys, what name will she call you?”

He quickly replied with a shaking tearful voice, “She’ll call me TARDY!”

  1. honeykein says:

    This made me laugh 🙂 thank you for taking time to read my recent post and for liking it.

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