Being from Kentucky, we grow up with the knowledge of horses as we are world renown in the horse industry.  Lexington is known as the ‘Horse Capital of the World’. We have Churchill Downs in Louisville, Keeneland and The Red Mile Race Track in Lexington. The Kentucky Horse Park was the site of the 2010 World Equestrian Games.  The World Equestrian Games was a once in a lifetime experience for our state.

We also have gorgeous and wealthy horse farms.  Some of the barns are much nicer and decorated than we ‘normal’ people could ever imagine!  With our race tracks, the acres of bluegrass and our horse farms, there have been many movies shot in this area. I’ve watched as people would line the streets for that one chance to be an extra on the movie set.  I am astounded as thousands will show up with enthusiasm and will stand for hours in that zigzagging line just waiting for their one chance at this event. They will come with their lunch and determined to spend the whole day……..just waiting.

One day, as I drove by to observe the anxious and frenzied ‘movie’ crowd I couldn’t help but be enamored by the eagerness of their dream to become a star.   As the crowd became smaller and smaller in my rear view mirror the thought occurred to me:  What would I spend my whole day waiting for my one chance?  What would I have such passion and fervency for?  What would I be so determined to spend my whole day …just waiting?

Would I wait all day for my one chance ….?

…to share the salvation story with someone?

…to feed a homeless person that may walk by?

…to baby-sit for a mother who is overwhelmed?

…to give my ‘Good’ clothes to someone?

…to encourage my neighbor who is down?

…to take my turn sitting with the elderly?

…to make a special trip to see someone who just needed a hug?

…to go to a stranger in the hospital and stay because I knew they had no one else?

…to help a friend all night with their burden regardless of what I had going on the next day?

And not ask for anything in return.

What would you wait all day for your ONE chance that God may be asking you to do?

….And of some having compassion making a difference. Jude 22


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