What’s Wrong With You?

Posted: May 3, 2012 in Team IWNQ (I Will Not Quit), What Matters Most

These four words bounce back and forth in my mind over and over like hail in a storm against the tin roof.  Sometimes the pinging sounds of these words can irritate, hurt, or cause me to be more driven to do what I do.

“What’s wrong with you? Why can’t you relax and be like everybody else?”

These words have been thrown at me like those hail stones.  Some days I try to dodge them because I don’t have the strength to withstand the attack anymore.  Other days, I have enough strength to explain myself and try to teach, yet another person, why I do what I do.

Most people don’t…have a son that suddenly and without any warning, depends on you while we both are learning how he can become independent.

Most people don’t…pore over the bank account until their eyes are red because they’re trying to figure out how to bring order to a chaotic world of bills.

Most people don’t…have a husband in full-time ministry.  Enough said.

Most people don’t…take that phone call to offer encouraging words to a friend who says you’re the one that makes them laugh.

Most people don’t…keep their eyes open for clothing for the family who has a need.

Most people don’t…hear the unspoken words in conversations when that person is begging for someone to hear their hushed cries.

Most people don’t…take the time to cook a meal because they know a meal not only fills the belly fut feeds the heart.

Most people don’t…throw off their entire schedule because they take time to listen to a total stranger who is having a hard day.

Most people don’t…start a job and see the task to the end.

Most people don’t…care about public recognition only that they made a difference in someone’s life.

Most people don’t…do what I do, love what I love, feel the kind of passion I feel.

I’m glad I’m not like Most People.



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